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  1. Frank43

    "New-Bie" Cant start my wr250f??

    Problem fixed. It was just a fouled plug. New plug-started after 2 kicks. Thanks all! frank
  2. Frank43

    "New-Bie" Cant start my wr250f??

    Well, I took off the gas tank and removed the plug-It was black and no spark was present when I kicked it. I am assuming this is the issue. I will pick up some plugs tomorrow and let you all know the results. You would think removing the plug would be an easier process?? I hate to think that I might foul one out in the woods, and end my day early, far from civilization. Stay tuned, Frank
  3. Frank43

    "New-Bie" Cant start my wr250f??

    I was told on another forum to lay the bike on its left side (after shutting off the gas). I did so, and gas flowed out of the drain tube for like 5 seconds. I then ran the hot choke out, throttle open, 15 kick clearing process. Turned gas back on and resumed normal kick routine, and still nothing. Do your think the plug has fouled?? frank
  4. Frank43

    "New-Bie" Cant start my wr250f??

    Yeah, tried all of those methods, and nothing
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum, and the sport altogther. I just picked up a 2002 Yamaha wr250f, and I love it. I have been learning to ride the bike, and it has been alot of fun. Unfortunately, yesterday I tried to start it (kick start only), and it wouldnt start. I tried everything, and nothing would work. I opened the cold start choke, tried warm start choke, no choke, etc. still wouldnt kick over. I tried a couple throttle pumps, changing gas to reserve, and nothing but a sore leg. I have been kicking so much, I feel like Pele'. Could I have flooded it? fouled a plug? It seem like it would be hard to remove the plug, as it is not very accessable? What are the best wasy to troubleshoot this problem?? HELP!!!!!! Da rookie, Frank