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  1. honestly, most all the pipes will give you increased performance. For me the decision cmoes down to what is the best value. I would scoure ebay for the best buy over the next few months...buy before spring time when the prices will increase with demand.
  2. I have had my 04 CRF250R for about 6 months, ride on trails most every weekend through the summer and I must say it has been a GAS! The bike is light and nimble enough to handle most anything with enough power to pull you out of trouble if needed. GREAT choice for the woods!
  3. I have the quickshot on my CRF 250R as well and it had made a very noticible improvement. congrats
  4. I noticed I was trashing my frame as well...the best answer I came up with...LITESPEED frame gaurds. the look awesome while protecting the frame.
  5. Saturday at Easton with the kids...Monday at Straddleline with my buddies. Damn like is good!