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    Classified Scammers - The Dirt Bag List!

    [Original Message] > > From: john helston <tom.carnegieagent@gmail.com> > > To: Randy Jackson <XXXXXXX@earthlink.net> > > Date: 8/14/2007 9:08:39 PM > > Subject: Re: 4 MX/Offroad Helmets > > > > Hello Seller....... > > we re interested in your item and we would love to get it for one of our > > clients.....we want u to tell us the present condition of the item and > > also tell us the duration of which u have owned it and why u want to sell > > it.. send us some pics of the item so we can be sure of the condtion,we > re > > ready to make immediate payment as soon as the transaction goes on > > well...........get back to us asap.....thanks > > > > john helston
  2. RJacks258

    New 4 strokes vs. CR500

    That means copycat. Mommy, Mommy, RC rides a 450, I want one too.
  3. RJacks258

    New 4 strokes vs. CR500

    The arrogance only comes out when I read pointless crap like this. Windham did pretty well in 2003, but he only started in front of Ricky a few times. RC passed him pretty easily a bunch too. The first moto at GH in 2003 was because KW hit a jump and went to his left landing in front of a piling then sent him hard over the bars. Not knowing who I am doesn't mean squat. That's why I said Florida members come out. I'd be more than willing to prove my point.
  4. RJacks258

    New 4 strokes vs. CR500

    You guys arguing on the side of the 450's are crack heads. This is such an old and stupid debate that the reason you must be bitchin' about it is because of sheer denial. You cannot stand to admit a 500 is a man's bike and the 450 is for all you guys who wear women's panties. And whoever said, (ZooKeeper) Windham had RC's number back then. I think you need to go back and check the record books. When Windham came out of his semi-retirement in 2003 he won a total of 2 overalls. RC still won 10. RC 2002 12-0 250 RC 2003 10-2 250 RC 2004 12-0 450 You think the bike matters with a rider of his caliber. If any of you guys live in Florida, I invite you out to ride with me on my ten year old 1997 CR500AF, yes 1997. And if you can keep up on a Motocross track, I'll sell my bike and take up gardening. And yes, I said MX for you types that think a 500 won't work there.
  5. RJacks258

    My KX500AF

    Well is'n't that ironic. And to shut YOU up, that bike still sits in that position as I am having a whole new section machined up by a PROFESSIONAL. And will be welded by a PRO. I listened to my fellow members through PM's and posts. I am also a moderator over there, an while some of us do but heads from time to time, we all know that one thing is for sure, we all look out for eachother. As a matter of fact, that motor was split into pieces today. Its kind of funny how I was going to say something here about my frame, and lo and behold you found it. I have a wife an two kids, I don't need to not see them anymore or have them go without me on something stupid like this. Although the welds are probably strong, its the thinner frame I worry about. The differnce in that pic and metalmans, is mine was a frame engine and swingarm, his was a whole bike. Mine never got past that point. Peace out yo!!!
  6. I ride a CR500 and plan to keep it. I am currently building my second AF, and getting another engine for my steely. CR500's rule, come get me 450's!!!!!! (if you can)
  7. RJacks258

    How often do you service your suspension?

    First lets straighten out the difference between rebuild and revalve. A revalve is the process of setting up the bike for the particular rider; valving, spring rates, oil volume/level, etc. A rebuild is when you replace all the wear parts in the suspension; seals and wipers, inner and outer bushings, seal head, oil, bumper, etc. Oil should be changed every 20-30 hours depending on you type of riding and skill level. That may seem short, but it actually takes quite a while for the average rider to achieve that many actual "riding" hours. An hour meter usually helps determine that. The reason you are having fork seal problems is most likely due to the fact that your lower tubes are too slick for the seals to grab. When we rebuild and revalve, 9 times out of 10, we stick the lower tubes on a lathe, also the shock shaft, and re-finish them. Kind of like the way you hone a cylinder out. That is so the new seals can seat against the newly refinished tube/shock shaft. If you have any questions let me know, or go to fcrsuspension.com. My name is Randy Jackson, from FCR Suspension of Florida.