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  1. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    How hard is it to break the bead?

    Depends on the tire... A tube-type tire should break fairly easy, using the sidestand. A tubeless tire (i.e. Metzeler Tourance) may require a BFH and some sweat!
  2. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    camelbaks ?

    You betcha... Won't leave for a ride that's more than 2-hours without mine!
  3. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    parts for your bike???

    A big, bitchin' luggage rack with integrated mounts for sidecases!!
  4. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    Pirelli MT21 on DR 650

    I'm running the Maxxis 6006, too... Like it so far but because I'm also in Ohio, haven't had a chance to do much trail riding with them. Just got my DR last Nov. Where are you in OH, exhusky?? I'm in the Columbus area... Maybe we can meet up for a ride in Wayne Nat'l Forest this Spring?? Cheers! -Art
  5. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    Dr650 Hp????

    Yes, I do.. Quite a bit, actually. The nearest trailhead is about an hour and a half away, so I ride A LOT of pavement before I get to the dirt. One of the main reasons I chose the 6-fiddy over a DR-Z. My '02 does pretty well on the super-slab... Especially after I bolted on a small windscreen. I can cruise thru a few tanks of gas at an indicated 80-mph, no problem. Limiting factor (for longer distance riding) is now the seat and small tank which I plan on replacing with a Corbin & 5-gallon IMS. We don't get much wind here in Central Ohio, though.. A "windy" day here is gusts 20-30mph which isn't shite compared to the praire. You must be somewhere near Saskatoon?? Damn, that place is WINDY!!
  6. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    Dr650 Hp????

    There's probably nothing wrong with your bike in stock condition... It's those winds in Sask-LOL!! The last time I rode across the Yellowhead Hwy, it was so damned windy my ST1100 was having trouble getting up to 70-mph... No kidding, eh?! Seriously, you're probably going to notice an increase in power after you get five or six hundred klics on the motor. I'm still running stock gearing/jetting, so I can't offer any advice on whether these will affect power @ hwy speeds. Your wife must really enjoy riding with you if she's going to ride pillion on the DR... Mine will ride all day on the back of my Wee Strom but won't even ride around the block on the back of my DR! Good riding, 6-fiddy Hooligan
  7. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    DR650 fuel consumption

    If you're getting 36-41mpg running premium, you're wasting your money. I get about the same on regular. Octane has nothing to do with mileage but more with combustion, or lack thereof. Higher octane fuel actually burns slower which is why high compression engines require it... To prevent pinging or predetonation. Our DR's have fairly low compression ratios... Something like 9.5:1 so regular fuel is just fine. Heck, my 650 V-Strom's engine is 11.5:1 and I run 87 in it all the time with no problems. I'm sure somebody will come along and disagree with me on this but I've been running 87 Octane in my bikes for the last 12-years & 250k miles without any fuel-related problems. Good riding, 6-fiddy Hooligan
  8. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    DR 650 vs KLR 650

    Evidently, they haven't seen your thread over on ADV Rider, Aaron!
  9. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    I don't buy it

    I agree, John!! I haven't personally done business with Jesse but I've only had my DR since last Nov and haven't gotten into full "farkel" mode yet-LOL. No doubt when it comes time to upgrade suspension, throw in a jet kit and bolt on a pipe, he'll be getting my business. Good riding! 6-fiddy Hooligan
  10. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    Long Winded New Member With A New DR.

    First of all, welcome to the forum!! Lotsa good info here and even though I'm a noobie myself, I've gleaned a lot of 411 in a short amount of time... I just got my '02 DR650 last Nov and am enjoying it!! Makes a nice stable-mate for my '04 DL650. Now, about those tires... The thread goes all the way to the edges for a reason so don't be afraid to use it... Like mayner mentioned, the OEM tires do fairly well on pavement. I could lean mine over far enough to scuff my boots in the corners with them. I'm now running Maxxis 6006's (60/40 DOT knobbie) on mine and am still exploring their limits in the twisties. Not bad on dry tarmac but a bit spooky in the rain! Good riding, 6-fiddy Hooligan
  11. 6-fiddy Hooligan

    05 DR650 Street Tires

    Stock rims will do just fine. I'm currently running Maxxis 6006's which are probably 60/40 (tarmac to dirt)... Seriously doubt I'll get more than 3k miles from the rear, so I'll be due for a tire swap sometime soon. My next set will be more pavement biased... Most likely either a set of Avon Gripsters or Pirelli Scorpion A/Ts. Ideally, I'd like to have an extra set of wheels that I can keep knobbies on for trail riding and another set to burn up the pavement on, too. FWIW, I've run Michelin Anakees on my Wee Strom and they can be had in sizes that'll fit the DR, too. They're pretty spendy but an excellent tire (at least on a Wee Strom)-IMO. Also give the Metzeler Tourance a look... I actually run a Tourance rear/ Anakee front combo on my Strom because I can get almost 2x the mileage from the Tourance rear. I run the Anakee up front because it turns in quicker and feels more planted when heeled over all the way. I'm somewhat surprised you only got 1.5k miles from the rear Trailwing... My bike had 4.9k miles on it when I bought it and it still had the original tire. I put another 300-miles on before I changed over to the 6006's! Cheers! 6-fiddy Hooligan