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  1. macd218

    Need advise

    Well after looking the cylinder over a second time, with a bright flashlight, i saw that the first 4 threads in the cylinder are stripped. I talked to Mike at Honda trail bikes and the new cylinder is in the mail as of today. Those guys are great! Should be here next week!! I understand what everyone is saying about the special bolt. i just put the other one in to see if it would tighten. New bolt is on order also. The old one looks fine but not taking chances again.
  2. macd218

    Need advise

    The other bolt tightend just fine. It had more threads on it then the original bolt for the rolller. i think i just need a new bolt. After some more examining, the threads on the original look a little messed up and it looks threaded all the way through the cylinder.
  3. macd218

    Need advise

    Its like it is not tapped enough or the thread size is just a hair off. i just got a different bolt to tighten down without the roller in. I will get a new bolt tomorrow but if that doesnt work i might need a new cyclinder. I did not over tighten. i used a torque wrench and it never got close the the torque.
  4. macd218

    Need advise

    no i have the washer and tried to put and extra one on also. Update: So i just pulled the engine and took the head off. I used another bolt with same thread size, just longer and it tightend. So i guess i just need a new bolt. Will have to go to the bike shop tomorrow. i hope it works. After i had it together yesterday i took it out and i could not believe the difference. Should i stay with the stock gearing now or drop a tooth?
  5. macd218

    Need advise

    I installed my TB 88cc kit this weekend but the bolt that holds the cam chain roller will not tighten. The the threads on the bolt look fine and so do the threads on the cylinder. I was thinking about getting a new bolt and see if that works. If this does not fix the problem should i try to send the cylinder back? As anyone had problems with getting support from Trail Bikes with issues like this or do you think it should not be a problem. Thanks for the feedback in advance.
  6. macd218

    Need help

    Thanks i fgured it out.
  7. macd218

    Need help

    Installling TB 88 Kit, everything done but putting on carb. They give you a big black fin looking spacer. I dont know if it goes in between head and minifold or carb and manifold. Can someone help me out?
  8. macd218

    Fly wheel puller

    I used a strap wrench but hacd a hell of a time. i almost have the tb kit installed. Stripped one of the head cover nuts. Was using torque wrench and some how still over tightened. Will post what i think about the kit as soon as i am done. I cant wait!!
  9. macd218

    Fly wheel puller

    I think I will just go buy a strap wrench. Or the clutch tool from motion pro, it looks like a vice grip. Are you serious about the flywheel nut?
  10. macd218


    I saw Emig and Lusk last November at a local track in SoCal. He just got his new KX450 and was working out the bugs. Him and lusk were going at it! He actually asked me to help him adjust is fork tubes. He cracked a joke about it sucking to not have a mechanic anymore. I think he might of said he still tests for kawi .
  11. Do i need one to hold the clutch? I cant get the nut off just by holding it. I am using clutch nut socket. Any other way to hold it?
  12. macd218

    Need stock 70 FR/Hub?

    Thanks for the info. That could be a good help.
  13. Does anyone have a front hub laying around that they would sell?
  14. Does anyone know if there is a place in SoCal to get one done?
  15. macd218

    Debilitating injuries

    I am done racing. She would rather me not ride any more, that was before Saturday night. She works the night shift and so i haven't been able to talk to her yet. I guess i will know how she feels when i get home from work. I think her taking care of James is going to have a big effect on her. I have to start thinking about family and not myself. i might just get a bike to mess around on with her. Did i forget to mention she was just learning on xr100 and she rode Saturday.