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  1. homie

    the 2 stroke picture thread

    Lets see some road going two strokes!
  2. homie


    Hm, interesting, if it turns on heat why dont they get engines to make alot of heat to turn the turbo and compress the air alot then cool it down right before it goes in the cylinder?
  3. homie


    Is turbine speed completely dependent on exhaust gas speed? Or are you saying the turbine will spool faster and faster and faster until kaboom?
  4. homie


    So you dont need something to control the boost? Because someone told me without something to control it the turbo would spool uncontrollably into oblivion until your engine or turbo destructs.
  5. Hey yall Ive gotta question, say you turbocharge an engine without a bov or wastegate, someone told me that without those your turbo would indefinitely increase boost until engine failure. Is this true?
  6. homie

    700 2 stroke

    I heard the stock horsepower is a very mellowed out corked up 65 horsepower. I bet if you uncorked it good and did a good bit of mods you could have it 85-90 hp or more depending on your wallet size and knowledge and what youre using it for. Racer x has a ride report on it if anyone wants to check it out, I cant dig up the link right now but I will later if anyone is interested. I also heard somebody did a desert drag race between a service honda 500 with paddle tires and atk 700 without paddle tires and the 700 still beat it. Believe it or not, Im not sure what to think of it, if its true though, that has got to be the hillclimber of all hillclimbers.
  7. Go with the 125, more fun, less maintenance costs, make you a better rider, and enough power to do anything just keep it on the top end.
  8. Like I said, if the 2 strokes got as much R&D put into them then they would be atleast as good as thumpers but probably better.
  9. The 150 has alot of midrange and everyone Ive talked to said its most effective when kept there. The KTM and Yam have more topend pull. The KX85 and CR85 are a little slow and the RM85 is also a good bike with good mid range and topend pull. If I were you, Id go with either a KTM 85 or 105, KX100, Rm85, or yz85 if he is good at clutching.
  10. Oh yeah, comparing a ttr125 to a yz125 is like comparing a cessna to a space shuttle. Theyre worlds apart in terms of seat of the pants feel.
  11. You present a convincing point.
  12. homie

    250f or 450f or 250 2 stroke?

    Go for a 07 yz or ktm 250 2 stroke.
  13. Anybody remember the saying he who has the gold makes the rules, well change it around to "the bike that makes the most gold gets the most attention" and there you have it. Four strokes bring in more money, manufacturers could make 2 strokes just as good and better than four strokes but they dont because 4 strokes make more $$$$$$. I mean come o its classical physics, 2 bangs per rpm is better than 1.
  14. Yeah,^^, that basically sums it up. If they got as much attention as thumpers, they would be some bad machines. But talking about revolutionary designs, who else sees electric motors to be the next big thing. With enough R&D and getting weight down, I bet motors have alot of potential. I cant imagine the off-idle hit of a full sized well developed and tuned light electric mx bike.