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  1. fryguym3

    te450 converted 2 sm

    just converted my 08 te450 to SM and my only problem is the kickstand. was just gonna cut it and re weld it, but was wondering if anyone out there could give me a measurement for the SM stand.
  2. fryguym3

    '07 wr250 diet

    does anyone know what makes the wr350f so much hevier than the yz? i would like to lighten my wr. any suggestions.
  3. fryguym3

    te450 or te510

    thanks for all the info, i'm leaning towards the 450 because it just seems like the more suited bike for the off road for me .
  4. fryguym3

    te450 or te510

    well it just seems that the 610 carrys more weight than i would like to have on a trail. maybe im just used to smaller bikes. twoburgers how do you like your 510? and what kind of riding do you mostly use it for?
  5. fryguym3

    te450 or te510

    i'm looking into buying a new bike, looking for something i can ride on the road and the trails. i've got my nind set on a husky but cant decide on the 450 or the 510. it dosent seem that the weight difference is too bad. but i think a long ride on road will probably be 40 - 50 miles probably to the lake, then probably hit some off road fire roads and trail. need some feed back from you 450 and 510 owners. i currently ride a cr250 and a yz250f. thanks