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  2. Motocross Action says that a 2003 Yz 125 was the best 125 they've ever tested.I don't think there is a Yamaha to avoid. Yammy's are pretty solid and i ride a Suzuki RM 125 so I'm not looking looking through "blue" tinted glasses.
  3. Motocross Action always recommends going one tooth bigger on the back end of stock 125 2 strokes. My '06 RM 125 has a 51t on the rear and I have a 52t I'm going to put on in the next month.
  4. Sold the Ts 185 in 1980.that was a mistake. Great bike. Still have the Ts 100. Did rings on it at 9200 miles! You might have to decarbon the exhaust,piston or just put in a new piston.i last ran the TS 100 about 2 years ago,sitting in storage.Racing an RM 125 in oldtimers mo:ride:tox.
  5. I know where there is a brand new 2008 rm 125-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Argyll Suzuki. check put an Eric Gorr 144 on it and rip it old school.Edmonton is about 350 miles north of Great Falls ,Montana.
  6. I'm pretty sure that is a 1976 model if that is the original paint. I believe that is the last year for that model. I had a 77 ts-185 and still have a 75 ts 100 so I'm familiar with that era. Bought both brand new.
  7. Just checked Argyll's website. They have a new 2008 RM 125 with a pro circuit pipe and DVS graphics for 5999 canadian. That 's probablly not out the door.Check out for more info. Edmonton, Alberta is about 350 miles north of Great Falls,Montana.
  8. Canada stop selling the rm 125 after 2008. They are still sold in Great Britain and in New Zealand. i was lucky enough to get a new 2006 last year. you might find a new non Current in canada. Argyll Suzuki in Edmonton had a new 2008 last month.
  9. The DR engine design is bullet proof with the basic maintenance Smacaroni mentioned. It's been around since 1982 and I've seen many used and abused examples beyond belief that would run almost forever.
  10. Go with the Engines Only 190 kit- check out
  11. Go for the Engines only 190 kit. It's a bolt on kit. I went with the powroll hi comp 143 and now i wish I would have done the 190 kit.I still might do the 190 kit but I mainly ride a sweet RM 125( a new 06 bought in Feb. 2010). i would never sell my DRZ 143 because it's the first bike I ever raced and it's still a blast to ride!
  12. I've got 44 hours on a new RM 125 and I'm doing a top end before spring.Dirt Rider had 61 hours on a YZ 125. I like the hour meter because if I know where it's at for hours I can problem shoot for power loss with out guessing if it's the top end.
  13. Great britain sells new RMs with the RM 125 selling at $6880 Canadian which is about 6950 U.S. A new rm 250 is about 3-400 bucks more.i won't buy a new four stroke.hopefully when my 2006 RM 125 is wore out(pretty cheap to rebuild) I hope suzuki has new RM's in North America. If not I'll buy a Yammy YZ.
  14. According to Motocross Action the 2006 has the most recent upgrades. I bought a new 2006 last year and it's fabulous. too much fun.
  15. Doma pipes are good stuff but in emails with langston motorsports about a complete system for my 06 rm 125 they had pipes but not silencers and weren't sure when they'd get more silencers. Might be a different story for rm 250's.