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    Walker Valley

    I was up there Monday and the conditions were pretty good A little wet but no large water holes but that is to be expected this time of year. Also I went quite aways up and never did hit any snow. I agree that it will be busy on the weekend There was no school on Monday and the lot was full before 11am.
  2. Srbutler450f

    gas tank options for wr

    I havent done any desert stuff yet so I havent needed to top it off, but I have read the same thing on other posts.
  3. Srbutler450f

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Scott Concrete 2005 wr450 2006 ttr230 2006 ttr125 2002 ttr225 19997 VMAX
  4. Srbutler450f

    gas tank options for wr

    I just purchased an IMS 3.4g for my 05 Wr450 fit was great and I got it for $199 with free shipping from Rocky mountain ATV.
  5. Srbutler450f

    off road boots

    I have been riding for nearly 30 years and have bad ankles. I recently went with the sidi crossfires and have found them to be extremely comfortable and have great ankle support. Bit on the spendy side but I guess its like helmets you get what you pay for.
  6. Srbutler450f

    What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

    44 been ridin since 8 and still havin a blast!!! 05 WR450f 06 TTR 230 05 TTR 225 06 TTR 125 97 VMAX
  7. Srbutler450f

    Looking for skid plate

    Had a moose on my 02 wr250 and went with a factory Yamaha enduro plate on my 05 wr450. I think the Yamaha is a bit lighter and the fit is nicer as it uses all the factory bolt hole for install. 05 wr540 06 ttr230 02 ttr225 06 ttr125
  8. Srbutler450f

    Lowering A Ttr125

    Thanks for the reply! I was unware that yamaha made a small wheel version of the TTr125 when I posted this thread. It should work perfect for my son.
  9. Srbutler450f

    Lowering A Ttr125

    I am looking for any info on lowering kits for a ttr125. My son is between the ttr90 and ttr125, my local shop said they had seen kits on the internet about this but did not have the web info. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks! 05 wr450 06 wr230 02 wr225
  10. Srbutler450f

    Lowering a ttr125

    Crap I must have been reading this forum for my 450 when I posted this, Thanks!
  11. Srbutler450f

    Lowering a ttr125

    I'm looking to purchase a new Yamaha for my son, he is in between the ttr90 and ttr125. My local shop told me there was a website that sold lowering kits for the ttr125 they of course did not know what it was and i have not been able to find it. Anybody have any info that could point me in the right direction? 05 wr450f 06 ttr230 02 ttr225