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  1. Hey everyone. We got this grant from last year and are currently doing the trail work on cow mountain, trail 16. Some riders have been taking down our orange fence and riding the trail. I have a beta rider that i will be talking with about that. I need to ask everyone to stay off the trail while these signs are up. Thanks Matt Finnegan
  2. crdaug

    FRiends of Cow Mountain Work Day Feb 11th

    Wanted to say thanks for all the help. Lets give a shout out to Yamaha for their generous support of our work. Matt
  3. The Friends of Cow Mountain will be meeting at Westside Staging area, Cow Mountain, in time to be on the road headed to Whitethorn by 9:00 a....m. All you need is loppers (a small handsaw is helpful too), a little food, water, and transportation out to Whitethorn. Hope to see you there. This brushing day is going to help the us with our matching funds needed for our green sticker OHV grant from the State of California. We are hoping for everybody to come out so we can get the trail brushed in one day. Please come out and help. Also, please share/spread the word so we get as many people out as possible. If you have questions you can send me a message. We will have a few extra tools but bring yours if you have them. Thanks, Matt Finnegan FOCM- President UPDATE: The Friends of Cow Mountain has been busy doing paperwork for the last few months but it has paid off with two new grants being awarded, one from Yamaha and the other from the green sticker OHV grants. That makes 3 grants in one year, time to get some real work done.
  4. crdaug

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Brennan, what trail did you work on? Saw your truck in the staging area but no riding for me for another month or so. We ar egoing to be having a Friends of Cow Work day in October if you want to come out. Matt
  5. crdaug

    Seeking public comments

    For Immediate Release Friends of Cow Mountain, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, seeks public comment for off-highway (OHV) grant application Ukiah, Ca, March 6, 2017 - Friends of Cow Mountain, a not for profit , is seeking public comments on a preliminary application to the State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) for the 2016/17 grant cycle. The public review and comment period for the State’s Grants and Cooperative Agreement Program begins March 7, 2017, and ends April 3, 2017. State regulations require annual public participation in this fund allocation process. The Friends of Cow Mountain will be submitting the application using the California internet-based “On-Line Grant Application” (OLGA) software. After the public review and comment process a final application will be submitted by May 1, 2017. The public may view and comment on the preliminary application by visiting the State Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program website at www.ohv.parks.ca.gov and select the Grants tab. The OHMVR Division’s website will provide further detailed instructions for accessing the preliminary application and submitting comments. The Friends of Cow Mountain application is focused on improvements to off-road vehicle routes at South Cow Mountain Off Highway recreation area.
  6. The Friends of Cow Mountain, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, will be hosting a public meeting to review and comment concerning the upcoming grant application requesting State OHV funds for trail maintenance at South Cow Mountain, on Wednesday February 22, 2017 at 5:30 pm. The Meeting will be at Slam Dunk Pizza, 720 N. State Street Ukiah CA 95482 in the U-Town Room.
  7. crdaug

    Windy gap trail 69 at Lake Pillsbury

    Went down last year on a dual sport ride with luggage. Got a little fatigued at the end. washout was funny to watch I bet, saddle bag bounced me down off the trail a bit, almost had to stop. It seemed like it had been cut back recently. fun trail but it would have been hard to make it up on the 650 with luggage Matt
  8. crdaug

    Sore Ass Prevention?

    go to the bike shop and buy BUTTER it is a lotion you put on before you ride. If you do 150plus miles in one day you will get monkey butt no matter what shape you are in or how much you stand up.
  9. crdaug

    valve installation questions

    can someone tell me what Lapping a valve is. I am going to start my new top end on my 04 tonight or tommarow and would like to know what all this lapping stuff is.
  10. crdaug

    Exhuast or Suspension?

    susp and brakes make you fast. exhaught is just fun and loud. Only get exhaust if it is for the look or sound because it is a lot of money that will never make you go faster in a race.
  11. crdaug


    I have run the 606 on my plated xr 650r and I think it lasted two rides before it was 75% wore out. Then I tried some brigstone dual purpose tire the guy at the shop sold me, same thing the hp's just ripped it up. Now I just order Chin Ching 755's front and rear from rocky mountain. 18 bucks for the front and 31ish for the rear ( and you can get it 5inches wide talk about beefy looking). I have gone through 3 or 4 sets now and they last longer than the expensive tires. I try to take it easy on the road when they are new because the rear knobs are so tall and agressive they tend to fold over a little bit. That is the only draw back but they are cheap, great off raod and you get two tires shipped to your door for 55-60 bucks( less than one of the other tires before shipping).
  12. Does anyone have any info about large big bore kit for the XR 650R? Has any one done the 680 kit or the high compression piston change?
  13. crdaug

    digital speedo for XR 600?

    try ICO racing, dual sport computer, speedo, odo and top speed, waterproof and very durable