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  1. where in alberta is brule lake? im in calgary and that looks like an awesome place to ride
  2. B-TOWN

    Canadian MX schedule on Speed?

    Maybe try the CMRC (Canadian Motorsport Racing Club) web site, that is the club that puts on all the MX race's I think you are probably looking for www.cmrcracing.com/
  3. The pics of all you guy's kids look awesome makes me want a kid even more, day i hear there is one on the way there will be a bike with training wheels waighting in the garage haha…….got to find a chick that wants kids 1st thow I guess haha current one doesn’t want kids lol
  4. B-TOWN

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    Haha I think it would be quite funny
  5. B-TOWN

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    no I don’t live there but I did live up there for a couple months with a buddy who lives there. I will be back up there for a couple weeks close to the end of June, may have to swing buy and cause some trouble on the way out of town haha being that I will already be on the way out might as well walk in maybe knock a couple bikes over and cause a big commotion leaving the car running and pointed at the road just incase I need to get the **** out of there fast hahaha. My buddy is picking up and dropping off the bike so I will be driving my skyline and getting away quick will not be a problem
  6. B-TOWN

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    haha website is www.northgatehonda.com and phone number is 1-780-532-8010 if your actualy going to do it haha cuzz that would be funny . btw i am have nothing to do with this kids problem just know the answer to the question asked.
  7. B-TOWN

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    haha yea grande prairie is not to far form calgary only like 8hr's.............. i have got stuff from northgate honda lol and yea they seemed kinda shady
  8. B-TOWN

    Short Yoshimura RS2

    mine will be one of the new ones im shure being that its for the new 08 i just picked up
  9. B-TOWN

    What's in your camelback?

    this might sound funny but my g/f's dad told me this lol, he told me that i should keep a cupple tampon's in the 1st aid kit incase you get lost or stuck some where........hold on to the string and dip it in the gas tank haha easy way to start a good fire to keep you warm.
  10. B-TOWN

    Short Yoshimura RS2

    looks good mine should be here this week
  11. B-TOWN

    Bike Stolen From Honda

    I see you live in alberta, where in alberta do you live? I live about 45 min north of calgary and i had a chat with the owner of local honda dealer i get my bikes from and he told me that ofcorse the dealer is liable for anything that happen's to the bike once it is there poseshon
  12. haha well every one is in the goonin mood i just found this and thought it was pritty funny
  13. B-TOWN

    poor bike

    Not sure if it's already been posted.
  14. B-TOWN

    crashed and bent rad on my 07

    Hi I was just wondering if any one knows of any one that makes after market radiators for the 07 RMZ250?. I was out at the track today and had a light little fall in the corner and bent my rad pretty good and was wondering if there are any after market replacement ones out yet……I took this one off the bike and straightened it in the vice and tig welded the little crack that I could find on the top and then put some water in it and pressured it up with air and it did not leak so I am thinking about using this one still till I can get a new one, any info would be appreciated Thank you brett
  15. B-TOWN

    Chainsaw bike!

    haha that’s bad ass, me and a buddy made a Chainsaw bike a couple years ago with an old 39cc chainsaw we had laying around the shop and a mountain bike I got at a garage sale for $5.00, it was pretty fun and would top out at about 65km.