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    sent my suspension to rg3

    Of all the years of owning dirtbikes and racing motocross on and off i always wanted to have my suspension revalved and im finally having it done by RG3 my bike is an 08 rmz450. i guess what im asking is it a noticable difference from stock ?
  2. turbo318

    sent my suspension to rg3

    Hey thank's for the response , I should get it back this week can't wait to ride it to see what ive been missing!!
  3. turbo318

    Help me decide to buy now or next year?

    There is a huge difference between 05 & 06 I had an 05 & currently an 06 first hand the power on the 06 is alot better all around! The rear suspension is nite & day it tracks through the roughest cond you could throw at it the only thing my 05 did better is start without the hot start button all the time it's funny how the mags found the location of the hot start to be such an issue to rate the bike so bad in 05 for that reason. You didn't need to use it? also the 05 had cylinder problems Also after the rear suspension broke in it was worse. You really have to ride one back to back to see the difference I'm a novice rider but lap times don't lie from one bike to another same rider I'm definitely alot faster on the 06 And these are things i noticed hands on. just my thoughts?
  4. turbo318

    New with 06 TTR-50e !!!!

    Hi Marcos: Good luck with the bikes, your children will enjoy them very much. Ride safe and have a good time. Thanks....Gino
  5. turbo318

    New with 06 TTR-50e !!!!

    Hey MKP sounds like your from norte de chile? As far the clutch goes it is kind of stiff for small children, i usually put it in second gear (by hand) for them after they start them. it has a good take off in second & has enough topend to keep it there all day. I would get the folding shift lever from yamaha GYTR catalog because the original bends easy (falling down on the left side) and could possibly crack the case? it is also longer so the children don't accidentaly kick it out or down a gear also check the 10mm bolt that holds the shift lever it was lose on both of mine, the chain need constant adjustment! it will fall off and get stuck between the sprocket & frame and bend the chain:cry: ? Good luck! PS: Is the summer almost over ? Thank's... Gino Lancellotti
  6. turbo318

    New with 06 TTR-50e !!!!

    I have also purchased two TTR50s' for my 5 & 7 year old boys they love these bikes! Im starting to fix them up with all the GYTR & two brothers racing products they offer for them. I am also from Chile Santiago to be exact(how ironic)but i live here in southern california i sure miss all my family there! and all the beaches!! Good luck with the TTRs my kids are having a blast!
  7. turbo318

    Upgraded 2005 RMZ450 vs. 2006 RMZ 450

    Sold my 05 got myself an 06 I cant believe what the difference a year model makes first off the 05 did start easier i realized the mags complained about a hot start on the bars but Suzuki was smarter, dint need it at all on the 05 even if you lay it down! other than that the 06 does everything the 05 did but better specially the rear suspension. It track so much better through the rough sections of any track, its hard to believe. The power through the mid & upper RPM range is also impressive! I can't seem to understand the dirtbike shoot out dead last for being to good of a bike? What a bunch of jerkoffs!