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  1. OK, thanks for the info. I don't know if I am up for that for this bike.
  2. Does anyone know how hard it is to replace the left side bearing? May look at one that owner says needs this rebuilt, but I am interested only if this can be done fairly easy. Thanks.
  3. That is my biggest concern. If it were a 2 stroke, no big deal.
  4. Bob, no pumper carb. The bike still has the stock one.
  5. Thanks for the input; anyone else?
  6. I would like your $.02 on how much a 1990 DR350S would be worth given the following condition: It has 13,000 miles and a recent top end rebuild (I have no details other than a friend of the person who has the bike did the work); Large tank and other plastics are generally ok; It runs but can only be bump started at the moment - tried to kick it over but so far bump starting is the only way to get it going; when it is running, it seems to do ok - no noises from the top end that I noticed; Stock carb and petcock from a dirt only model; Clear title. Any input is appreciated.
  7. Thank you for the great information.
  8. What is the cost of getting the carb, cable and tube? I read that it is not good to get used and better to just go with new parts.
  9. The vacuum petcock is gone - substituted with a petcock from a dirt-only DR. How will that effect the method described below. That may be why the bike won't kick over.
  10. It does have a working decompression lever. The seller knows how to start the bike, but has moved on to another bike, so this one sat for a while. The carb was cleaned out, but who knows. What is the T-vent mod? The price is good (less than a grand), but to do this deal, I need to figure out how to get it running as cheap as possible. I have been looking for an electric start model with no local success.
  11. OK, the seller, who is very helpful, said the carb is the stock CV, but the petcock is off of the dirt only model. The seller also said that the vacuum port on the carb is capped off because the original petcock was leaking and a few people had suggested making the switch because the vacuum system was prone to leaks. With this information, is the pumper carb the way to go or is there something that I can do to make the bike kick start easier with the existing set-up?
  12. Judas, thank you for the info. Brent.
  13. I am looking at a DR350S - kicker model. The bike will bump start but will not kick start. How do I tell if the bike has the stock CV carb or if it has had a pumper carb replacement? If it still has the CV carb, where is the best place to get a pumper carb? Thank you, Brent.
  14. Been looking there and have posted in the flea market there.
  15. I am looking to get another DR350 dual sport. Any readers out there ready to sell or on the fence about selling theirs? Send me a PM if you are interested. Brent.