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  1. Ok well now the bike has been sitting for 2 weeks and the other day i went to see if it was hard to kick it and it was back to normal it didnt seem hard to kick at all. Maybe the piston over heated and expanded to much and some what seized the motor??
  2. ok well i dont know if it has been 20 hrs but i have rode the thing about 4 times all day idk i think i am going to trade it in for a 2005 yz250 or a WR450 are the WR's and good?
  3. I still havent had the time to take it back to the shop but now i tryed kick starting it and the engine felt normal and was not hard to kick at all.
  4. The thing ran fine untill it stalled again. So i didnt want to try to start it again becasue i didnt want to mess anything else up. The top end was replaced 20 hrs ago and the vavles where checked at that time also.
  5. Ya i am going to take it to the shop this weekend i hope i am hopeing that maybe its nothing tooo major!
  6. Ya my bike does the same thing but my bike doesnt eat the oil that bad. Alot of people tell me that hondas have oil burning problems. When you first start it up does blue smoke come out of the pipe till it warms up?
  7. No i didnt think it fixed it self. I have to take a look at it. It kicks but is really hard and isnt normal
  8. The oil is clean on both sides. It was running fine befor i shut it off
  9. I own a 2002 crf450 and i got some problems. The other day i was ridding and i took a break for 20 mins and then i went to start my bike back up to ride and the engine was seized. I couldnt free the engine up so i had my friend try to and he got it free'd up. I got it running and i rode it around for 2 min then the bike stalled and i went to kick start it again and it was really hard to kick. I have no clue what went wrong with it. PLEASE if any one has any ideas as to what is wrong please tell me!!!
  10. it was running fine before it happened
  11. no i put the amount of oil it said to use on the side of the block
  12. I own a 2002 crf450r the other day i was ridding it and i went to stop to take a break for 20 min and when i went to start it back up the engine was seized, the kick starter wouldnt move at all. Then i had my friend try to start it and he free'd up the engine. I got it running and rode it for 2 min then it stalled and was really hard to kick. It wasnt normal. The top end was replaced about 2 months ago, so idk.