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  1. I have a 2011 KX 450 and at around 30 hours I had to replace the head gasket because it was leaking and therefore it over pressurized my cooling system and would push the coolant out of the overflow tube. At that point, I would have to refill the radiator after every ride because it would "blow out" so much fluid that the fluid level was below the cores. At the same time, the mechanic (at the Kawasaki dealer) who did the work made sure to re-surface the head. Well, fast forward around 20 hours and the same thing is happening again. I have to refill the radiator every ride because when I come back in from a moto, the coolant level has dropped to around or a little above the cores. I have been using a 1.6 cap that I bought from the dealer, but that doesn't seem to cure my problem. Also, I am just using peak anit-freeze (50/50). I am very critical about checking my coolant level, especially after the replacing the first head gasket. I have other friends with Kawasaki 450's and only one of them has ever replaced a head gasket (and it fixed it). I have searched this forum and I did find that some people did have to replace the head gasket once, but now this is happening for a second time. I am not sure how many of you have mentioned this to Kawasaki, but I sure would like to. Can anyone offer any suggestions about the SOLUTION to this problem. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has ever had a lesson from Buddy Antunez? I know that he trains a few amatuer kids and I can't seem to find a website or any advertising from him providing information. By chance does anyone have his contact information so that I may get ahold of him? Also, if you have had a lesson from him, how was it? Thanks.
  3. Racerx_288

    Southern California MX Schools

    Has anyone reading this ever had a lesson with Damon Huffman? If so, when was it and more importantly how was it? Also, can you compare a lesson with a previous teacher as compared with him? Thanks.
  4. Racerx_288

    2009 crf450r were to send it??

    I just bought an '09 and I am considering MX-Tech. They are saying to not only put a link on the back, but use 24mm offset clamps as well. I spoke to Jeremy Wilkey over the phone about the set up and it seems they put a lot of hours into their test bike. Also, they offer the E7 (Element 7) set up for the forks which is pretty interesting. There is an article in Motocross Action about this whole bike ('09 Honda 450) in the April edition if you want to read about it. Now, I don't believe everything MXA says, but it's a cool article. That's my two cents. Hope this helps.
  5. Racerx_288

    MTF One Week...

    Go for it! I would jump at the chance to go to MTF. I have never done one of their camps, but it can't hurt. Plus, maybe you will learn something about nutrition and training too. They are one of the best places in the country and you will be surrounded by fast guys. I am much like you and was looking to take my game to the next level, so I employed a trainer. I really like to have direction and want to know that everytime I do a workout or ride, that it's for a purpose and will get me one step closer to my goal. I am not trying to be a sales person here, but I have been using Seiji Ishii of Coachseiji.com and he is incredibly sharp. I have a customized fitness program that fits around my work schedule and it's made a huge difference. My fitness is incredible, but now, my ability needs to catch up to my fitness....lol. So, if you are looking for something like this, shoot my a PM and I would be happy to fill you in. Hope this helps.
  6. Racerx_288

    Just picked her up last Saturday!

    That's a nice bike, you will enjoy it. I have an '08 and I absolutely love to ride it. Congratulations.
  7. Racerx_288

    Cheap Mods

    First, I always like to pull out the backfire screen and use the stock Honda cage. Then, I throw away the stock air filter and buy DT1 air filters. I don't think this is considered a "cheap mod," but I always send my carburator to Tokyo Mods and get it modified. I understand this is pricey, but I have done it to all of my Honda's and it's a great investment. BTW (I know this does not pertain to this thread), if you are looking for a good pipe in the future, I recently bought an MRD for my '08 and I absolutely love it. Good power everywhere and revs to the moon (single exhaust). Hope this helps.
  8. I worked with Shannon at La Grange when he came down in October of this past year. I am from the Fresno area and I know some people who are students and great friends of his. Where are you from? He was actually in the area this past week and is now headed to World Mini. I wouldn't mind hitting that national if it wasn't so windy, dry and slick.
  9. Just like seven10 said, take your daughter to Shannon. I am here in California and he came out and did a one day clinic with me and a few others. All I got was about 6 hours of instruction and that has gone a long way with me. His teachings and drills are incredible and they work! I have definately increased my speed by working his drills. Just take a look at the names he works with. He works with tons of pros and amatuers, I know that for a fact. If you have any other questions, PM me because he is totally worth it. Plus, if you ever have questions, he has no problem answering them by phone or email, very helpful and nice person. Hope this helps.
  10. Racerx_288

    Finally got exhaust.

    I agree, Dave does do GREAT work! I bought a single pipe from him not too long ago and put it on my '08 CRF 250R and it changed the bike. Before the pipe my bike was bone stock, only with suspension and I didn't like to ride it due to the powerband, but now I love to ride it. I get a lot of compliments and inquiries (hope I spelled that right) on the bike now. Not only does the craftmanship look incredible, but the exhaust just flat our rips!
  11. Racerx_288

    09 breather tube + oil

    I was worried about the same thing when I first bought the kit, but the guys at Tokyomods assured me that dirt or dust would not get sucked up into the motor. I am not a motor guru by any means, but I don't believe there is a "vacuum effect" created from the motor in which to suck-up dirt or dust.
  12. Racerx_288

    09 breather tube + oil

    I always buy the Engine Vent Kit from Tokyomods for all of my Hondas. It comes with a billet air boot plug and then a piece of yellow or black hose (your choice) for $24.95. This way I never have to drain that tube because you just direct it down by the shock and it drains itself.
  13. Racerx_288

    high comp piston vs stock

    Your welcome. I am with you in that I think along with more compression comes a greater load on the bottom end, but I am not an engine builder. Btw, I am going with a J/E due to preference. Hope everything works out for you.
  14. Racerx_288

    high comp piston vs stock

    Ok, I am not an engine guru by any means, but I read your post and looks like you need info. quick. I believe that a higher compression piston means more low end grunt. Also, this can put more stress on your bottom end, but how much quicker it will "wear it out" I don't know. Now, I am going to be purchasing a 14:1 J/E piston soon and I was told that I needed to run different gas with it all of the time (to realize the power increase). I also know that every person has different beliefs when it comes to the gas on a high compression piston and I am not saying my way is the only way. For practice I can run 110 or 112 octane with 91 pump gas 50/50. For race day situations I will be running U4.2. So, if you are looking for a little more power this might be an option for you. I hope I have helped.