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  1. was out trail riding in the desert and she randomly dies. I know I have gas but check it anyways and when i opened the cap the tank makes a huge sucking sound. put the cap on it fires right up. get home and take the cap and blow through the hose and its pretty restricted. Not totally but very hard to blow. So I take the inside of the cap apart and remove the two steel check balls. went riding motocross and zero issues. Has anyone ever heard of this before? I am just running it with no check balls but I am racing an off road event this wknd and will be totally topping the tank to the max and concerned about gas sloshing up out the vent line.
  2. Cle- town was epic. some of the snow and ice patches were gnar though. This season is going to be a dry dusty tore up wreck.
  3. Great news. Perseverance pays off!
  4. Yeah the local debbie do right informed the county about it and all the trails got shut down at the last minute. Lance and Jason are working on getting a couple race permits.
  5. Just read this in the paper today. Paul Thomas Motocross parks? Strode?
  6. I think CUP is short for conditional use permit from 1984. That is why the motocross could fire back up so easily and the kart track got busted for having supermoto and two stroke karts and drift cars and rally cars etc... "FUN" karts only for such a dope ass track.
  7. So they had this event out there called the pumkin bash dash or something. One of those warrior mud run things and kinda got in bad grace with the county over the mud or something. Sooo, they are under even more of a microscope and will have to get permitted to do the race the way it should be done. Sorry to get everybodys hope up, myself included. Hopefully sometime next year it looks like.
  8. Talked to him this morning and they are still hammering details. Sent him a link to this thread. Hopefully more info soon. Might have to push date. Not sure yet.
  9. Talked to Lance, he is still working on the course, They are going to use the same basic class structure as the tortoise events. The place hhas changed alot in the past couple yrs but if any one can lay out a cool course at SIR it is him. Advertise is a little on the down low due to neighbor nazis that scan the pacific website etc. He is really working from scratch on this one with very little help or $. Hopefully a decent turn out will keep her alive. The owner is very supportive of this and the course will run all over, pavement, grass, gravel, single track, motocross (read mud) and gnarly roots and logs just like the old days and there is still some decent hills around the road course and such that were always sweet. Gettin kinda stoked... Hope you can make it!
  10. thats just a vintage flyer from back in the day. Its on the 18th of this November.
  11. Smail has revived her. Nov. 18 at SIR. Details to come soon...
  12. TJ 755

    Rip rmc

    Thanks Kurt, The more I think about it the less sense it makes. They were stocked for the holiday shopping season where many retailers see 40% of their annual. Why not hold on for 2-3 more weeks and at least give the employees notice to find something else?
  13. TJ 755

    Rip rmc

    Yeah Troy is pretty stressed. He said it still has not sunk in and that mortage payment isn't going away. If anybody has a position for a hardworking, super reliable disabled employee PM me. He was partially paralyzed in a tragic Dirt track crash about 10 years ago but gets around fine with a cane or his scoot. I wish I had or knew of a job for him.
  14. TJ 755

    Rip rmc

    yup it sucks. I think it has alot to do with the overall lamphere network. The cars are having it tough too so the first fat to trim is the toy store.
  15. TJ 755

    Washington Rip rmc

    Dear RMC Customers, Renton Motorcycles sadly announces that it has fallen victim to the troublesome economy and has shut its doors. It has been a great honor to serve you and the powersports community. The staff at RMC would like to thank you for the years of patronage, the friendships we made, and the trust you put in us. We will have limited staff on hand for the next few weeks so you will be able to pick up your special order parts, cancel you pre-paid maintenance contracts, cash in your RMC gift cards and retrieve your bikes out of service. Please contact us at rmcreception@rentonmotorcycles.com or call us at 425.226.4320. Take the time to get out and ride and hope to see you on the road. --RMC Staff.
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