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  1. timsbuell

    edelbrock pumper carb mystery

    i just installed a new edelbrock carb on my 05 wr450 and so far it works good. one thing i noticed when setting the carb is if you have it to rich it will not start at all. i live in las vegas nv elevation about 2200 ft with the leanest needle installed that came with the kit #6 and could not get it to start. adjusted it a little leaner and worked great and starts easy. im going to the dunes this week for its first ride with the new carb so i will let you guys no how she runs.
  2. timsbuell

    HELP!!! Edelbrock Pumper Carb!

    i just installed a new edelbrock on my 05 wr450 and the throttle pull is less then stock by alot.
  3. timsbuell

    New WR450 is a DOG - Help please!

    i have done all the mods on my 05wr450 and it is night and day from when i first got it three mounths ago. the mods are a must.