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  1. bajabound400

    took the DRZ400SM on a dual sport ride

    Awesome pictures. That looks like incredible country. congrats on making the ride with no foul-ups, that's quite the endurance run. I bet you were bushed the next day
  2. bajabound400

    Weekend ride report

    those are some great pictures. sorry to see your bike took a dive or two. Looks like a long day..
  3. bajabound400

    DRZ goes over the edge

    no..not related.. the finger got stuck in the brake rotor when loading the bike. Kinda stung a little. definitely should have invested in a rotor cover. Finished loading it. Went and got the tip of the finger stitched back on, got some Vicoden, and went riding for three days. How can one machine cause so much pleasure and so much pain??
  4. bajabound400

    DRZ goes over the edge

    5 guys just about had a heart attack to boost it out. I am definitely adding a rope and tackle to my kit.
  5. bajabound400

    DRZ goes over the edge

    not sure why you can't see it. Flickr must be acting up. Sorry...
  6. bajabound400

    DRZ goes over the edge

    It was just as scary as I always imagined it would be.. luckily I got off easy. nothing broken - even the camera
  7. bajabound400

    DRZ goes over the edge

    I thought that some of you may enjoy seeing what happened to me this weekend. Going down the Devil's Staircase, I lost my balance and went over the edge. The DRZ rolled over me and landed upright on a tree. I am a lucky dog, because if it hadn't caught, I would have been walking home (seriously steep country). Now I love my bike, but it took 5 tough guys to haul that pig back up to the trail. I don't recommend the experience. Unfortunately, all I've got to commemorate the story is this picture and a scraped up arm. The bike came off the mountain with minor scrapes on the pipe, and nothing else (fired up first kick )
  8. Moosehunter, I'm a ME, and I have some access to Pro/E, and stress analysis tools. If you get a design, I'd be happy to do some work off the company clock to make sure it wouldn't fail. PM me if you're interested. I'm guessing that 6061 would be fine. I would position the caliper so as to make it fit with the stock brake lines.
  9. bajabound400

    anyone got a Capitol Forest report?

    I've never been to Capitol Forest, and I think I might give it a shot this weekend. Has anybody been there recently and want to tell me what to expect? I
  10. bajabound400

    Lightened up my E; Thanks Nate

    I see that more as an argument against dumping it than an argument for the E-start
  11. bajabound400

    Wheel swap - have E's want SM's

    Not too sure about this, but can you fit SM wheels on an E? I think the forks on the SM are wider than the E, you might have a problem getting them in between your stock forks..
  12. bajabound400

    Lightened up my E; Thanks Nate

    Thanks Wrestler, I would definitely put the kit on.. it's worth every cent to have a foolproof way to start it... Battery weighs about 7-8 pounds..starter weighs 2-3 pounds.. I'll have the exact figures tomorrow when I weigh it all at work..although I'm sure you could find it somewhere on this forum..I pulled about 10-11 pounds worth of parts: battery, starter motor, relay, and starter gear. As far as the kick, E models have a compression release which helps the kick. I'm 6' 210lbs, so I have no problem kicking it even without the release, but I would guess that no one should have any problem unless they're really young(lets say 13-14 or younger). I've never had it kick back.. I think the automatic compression release keeps it from ever having any problems with that.
  13. bajabound400

    Lightened up my E; Thanks Nate

    No... I pulled all the way up to the starter clutch, but I didn't have the tools to pull the starter clutch, and I wanted to be able to go out for a test ride this weekend. I'm saving that for a rainy weekend sometime. Kalabula - you can get the kit from any suzuki dealer, or online I got mine at Oneida.. http://www.oneidasuzuki.com/store/customer/product.php?productid=16694&cat=370&page=1 Timm - How to do it is pretty simple, you pull the starter, battery, relay(little box above the exhaust) and the gear from inside the starter cover. you put on about a 2" circle of aluminum or steel plate (16 -18 gauge) and use Silicone RTV to plug the hole where the starter used to be. Then you go down to Radio shack and pick up a 4700 uF capacitor; see the picture I posted above. wire it in and you're good to go. If you want to dig deeper into your case, you can also pull out the idler gear, and the starter clutch as mentioned above.
  14. bajabound400

    Lightened up my E; Thanks Nate

    It's a little twitchy starting up cold... but 2-6 kicks does it.. hot start... first kick every time. I haven't ridden it on the trails yet, that'll be next week. I'm really looking forward to not hauling the battery around the hills.. Thanks again Nate, I appreciate the help
  15. bajabound400

    Lightened up my E; Thanks Nate

    I finished pulling my electric start this weekend, and I just wanted to give a shout-out to Natethegreat for his help. All in all, it went really smoothly, and I now have a pile of parts that I won't have to haul around all season. the hardest part was figuring out how to route the wiring, and where to stick the capacitor. this is what I figured out for it. Not terribly pretty, but it works great and hopefully continues to work. I will weigh all of the components I removed and post the weight savings here on or about monday. I'm estimating 10-12 pounds. Also, I wired in a kill switch to my headlight. I've gotten complaints that people ahead of me see my headlight reflecting off trees and such, causing them to think that there are riders ahead of us. So, I wired in a blue LED switch, so that I can turn the light on and off without having to unplug it. terrible picture, but you can see the switch inside the numberplate housing here.... I'm all ready to rip it up this season. good luck to everybody else out there as well.