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  1. BlackSheep

    2009 ktm duke

    I have an 2008. I commute 114 miles daily on it, all interstate, it has no problem cruising 80-85 all day, I have had it to 120 but above 90 it gets real skittish as you would expect a 300lb "dirt" bike to do at those speeds. The seat is hard for long trips. I love this bike, for me it is the perfect bike for my situation, but I come from a strictly dirt background and never felt comfortable on sport bikes. Oh and BTW I have never gotten below 61 MPG with the best being 67.
  2. You can add my bike to the club:bonk: I was about six miles out in the woods, I shut the bike off to help my G/F through some difficult terrain and the bike would not restart. Started to push it out because I really had no way to retrieve it. Pushed for about a half mile when it finally restarted. I like the bike alot but it kind of pisses me off that Yamaha won't stand behind a known faulty product. Can anybody say Toyota? Build date: 2/08 VIN : 000544 Mileage: 1,993
  3. Not trying to be a dick, but be careful with the thread sealant, many times the sensor body is used as a ground, sealant may inhibit this, and you can cause yourself more problems. I do not know if this is the case with the 690 coolant sensor, but since it has a o-ring for a seal I suspect it is.
  4. I have a X that I going to convert it to strickly dirt use. My question is how is the black frame holding up to offroad use? Is it getting really scratched and looking bad?
  5. BlackSheep

    Can I swap my 03 WR450 frame with an 06+?

    As far as I know the only differences are the 06 tank,shrouds, possibly seat? are different. The newer forks were better(bigger) and the speedo. The engine is a direct swap.
  6. BlackSheep

    no spark to my electric start

    Check the fuses at the relay first, if they are O.K. the battery voltage may be to low. Make sure it's charged.
  7. BlackSheep

    What year(s) YZF450 exhaust will work on 06 WR450F

    07 won't work, it has to be from a steel framed bike.
  8. BlackSheep

    Which master cyl?

    I have a Braking 4 piston caliper, and was wondering what size master cylinder you guys are using? Thanks
  9. BlackSheep

    Anyone have a Euro WR125X?

    Just curious, looks like a cool little bike, FI, Four Valve, ETC. If I could get one I would buy it. Hmmmm "YZ125F":thinking:
  10. BlackSheep

    Road WR

    I'm 185, and currently have 15/43 on my bike. No issues at all, roll on wheelies kinda suffer though.
  11. BlackSheep

    HELP,turning my DR650SE into Supermoto

    The rear axle size is the same, just slightly offset, an RM or DRZ-SM rotor is the same size as the 650, the DRZ-S/E is not. The front axle is a different size, it's 2mm smaller on the 650, but if you swap to DRZ(or better yet RM) forks you get the bigger axle as well as options in the braking department. Just FYI the DRZ-SM uses a wider triple clamp than the DRZ-S/E in order to better clear the wider SM tire, so the corresponding parts(forks,etc..) are also different. Are you confused yet?
  12. BlackSheep

    HELP,turning my DR650SE into Supermoto

    I used DRZ 400 hubs on mine, in the front I swapped to a RM250 fork and ran a DRZ400 hub, speedo drive, and 320mm rotor. In the rear I used a DRZ 400 hub and RM 250 rotor, the rear was not a perfect fit, there was some minor fitment problems, but nothing your average mechanic couldn't figure out. Good luck!
  13. Can anyone offer any adivse on bleeding a Braking 4 piston caliper, I had this on an old bike and transfered it to a new bike, now I can't seem to get all of the air out of the inside pistons. I'm going through DOT 4 like water! Thanks
  14. BlackSheep

    Dualsport or Sumo?

    I've had 4 DRZ's 1 "E" 1 "S" and 2 "SM" If I were buying a DRZ, I would buy the SM for sure. Better forks, better swingarm, better brakes and you can figure a set of SM wheels will cost around 1k, a set of dirt wheels can be had for about 6 hundy. Same holds true for the WR250X-R another very good option to consider(71mpg:banana:). The XRL only comes as a dual sport so there are no choices there, but a very reliable platform for sure. Just something to think about, not trying to sway you one way or another.
  15. BlackSheep

    Dualsport or Sumo?

    Just food for thought, it's a lot cheaper to convert from sumo to dirt, than dirt to sumo.