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  1. BINXS

    2010 yz250f first ride

    I'm pretty loyal to my Yammy, but what's with those fricken ugly shrouds?
  2. BINXS

    FMF 4.1 w/ megabomb header issues!!

    Mine came with 2 different size insert sleeves to use when slipping the header into the 4.1. One was loose, the other fit snug - did you get two sleeves when you received it? My only problem was putting it all together then going out to ride an hour later before the high-temp silicone had dried. Because of my lack of patience it pretty much blew right out, I re-did it that night and its been perfect.
  3. BINXS

    FMF 4.1 w/ megabomb header issues!!

    I installed the same setup on my 08 YZ250F and am still amazed with the performance gains. Installation was a breeze and I used high-temp silicone as recommended in the instructions. Fit is perfect and after two weekends of racing everything is holding tight.
  4. BINXS

    FMF Megabomb - Amazing!

    I have the Powercore 4 and running the stock jetting. The low-end and midrange is where I noticed the gain. Seriously, I just finished riding about an hour ago and can't believe the difference. The instructions advised that depending on what bike you "may" have to move the kickstart back one notch but I didnt need to, it fit perfect. We're at 2,000' altitude and I'm thinking I can get more out of the top-end by jetting down my main jet. I'm open to any suggestions and plan to play with jetting next week.
  5. ok, here's the disclaimer... I work in state government and have ZERO connection to any aftermarket brand or supplier. Recently I sold my 05 CRF450 and picked up a new 08 YZ250F. I wanted a lighter bike and to get back on a Yamaha. I love the bike but, coming from a 450, missed the low end. After following everyone's great advice for tuning & setup - and yes, I did the AP oring mod - I decided to order a pipe. I searched all the threads looking for recommendations and basically concluded that apparently everyone's pipes are "the best". My Honda's Dr.D can had to be re-welded twice so I knew I wasnt going that route. I bit the bullet and bought the FMF... pricey, but dudes... it's freaking amazing. Are most of you running your stock airfilters? With the metal screen and all it looks a little restrictive.
  6. BINXS

    Will an 05 pipe fit an 06?

    Header pipe and the can from an 05 to a 06. It's a Dr-D system. Sales people for several different brands tell me they're different, but I got a sneakin suspicion they'd kinda like to sell me some new stuff.
  7. Thinking the answer is no, but can anybody verify that I can't transfer my Dr.D (complete) exhaust from an 05 to an 06. Thanks.
  8. BINXS

    Annoying Arm Pump!!! Help Please

    Man I hear your frustration - and you're definitely not alone. One thing I know will kill you is heavy weight training with short reps. I've also stopped doing any bicep exercises and was able to increase flexibility and endurance, but my dang throttle hand keeps tiring out. I try to keep a loose grip as much as possible, but think I'm still squeezing too hard on some sections of the track. I'd be interested in hearing more on Gary Bailey's technique, I didn't quite visualize this from a previous post... <Have you tried altering your grip on the throttle hand. Gary Bailey teaches a technique where you grip the throttle the same way you would a door knob. (try it it works!) you don't grab the door knob and use your wrist, you grab it at an angle using the big muscles in your arm to twist (twist from the elbow down). This helps you to use a lighter grip, thereby reducing arm pump. It takes practice but works.>
  9. Thanks to all the numerous threads on checking valves it turned out to be an easy task. My 05 CRF450 was within spec on both exhaust and one intake. The other intake valve - Cam Sprocket side - was super tight with zero clearance. I ended up going from a 1.7 to a 1.45 to finally get .005 clearance. The guys at the service shop who sold me the shims thought this was odd and predicted something else is going bad. Any thoughts or advice on this one?
  10. Wow, that's totally cool to hear. My doc tells me to keep weight off so that the screws don't work loose before the bone is solid. I can walk fine on it and feel no pain. Does age have anything to do with it? My son's wrist healed in weeks, but at 43 - do my old bones need more time? I'm in excellent shape and can't believe at my age it makes that much difference???
  11. Still on crutches & cam-walker putting light weight on with each step. "Started on Motion yet"...??? Tell me more...
  12. Ok, here's a couple pics. Thanks again.
  13. Ok, I went to the clinic and bought a copy of my X-rays. I was told I couldn't get a paper copy or e-copy, so I scanned the x-rays on my home scanner - unfortunately the images aren't too clear. Next problem is I'm not sure how to embed the images in this message??? For what they may be worth, could I email them? Thanks again.
  14. On April 11th while going through a corner my heel hit a good sized rock. I heard a cracking sound but never felt anything or had a get off. Then I noticed my toes pointing a new direction and realized Houston, we have a problem. So I broke my lower tibia in 2 places, and upper fibia in one place. The doc installed a 6" titanium plate. Cast on for 2 weeks, then I've been on a cam-walker ever since. I have no pain or discomfort. Recent x-rays look good and last week doc gave the ok to put 30pounds of pressure on. He said around June 1 I can increase pressure to 50pounds, and estimated I'd be off crutches by July 1 Doc also said that the leg will take up to 10 months until its 100%. So, my question is... around early July when I burn the crutches will it be ok to start some riding? Or is it best to wait longer? I'm dieing to ride, but don't want to have any long term problems because of my impatience? Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  15. BINXS

    ASV-F3 Levers?

    Got 'em - and luv 'em. Well worth the money.