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  1. bullock5

    06 Rmz 450- Locked Up-advice!

    i was riding my 06 when it stalled in the same way and my kickstart was basically seized. ended up that the kickstart idler gear had seized in the case
  2. bullock5

    stock head pipe

    just picked up pro circuit t4 slip on for my 09 rmz 450 how much does the head pipe really help? what is the stock one steel or titanium cheers rob
  3. bullock5

    getting a 09 rmz450 next week, anything i should know?

    had my new 09 for 3 weeks now after i toasted my 06 the bike is awesome ,and so much easier starting..so responsive
  4. bullock5

    Ohlins suspension sale?

    how is ohlins i have a line on a rear shock do you recomend it? and i also heard that you use a way lighter spring in the back compared to other suspensions? cheers rob if you dont mind what did u pay for the rear shock w spring and revalved?
  5. bullock5

    hour meter

    hey guys got an hour meter for my 09 cant find a good spot to put anybody got any suggestions pics if you got em
  6. bullock5

    rmz 450 09 oil

    looking for suggestion i am running just the stock suzuki 10 40 oil for the first five hours the was going to switch to motul semi synthetic ... five hours is good before switch? yes ill change it a few times before with the reg oil also how often is everyone cleaning the oil strainers the one inside the magneto cover is kind of a pain,the other is ok? i had an 06 before in the 09 manual it says your supposed to kick it 10 times with the drain plug out when doing a change is this jusyt to make sure you get all the oil out cheers rob
  7. bullock5

    09 rmz extras

    yeah thats all i got to
  8. bullock5

    09 rmz extras

    Just bought an 09 rmz 450 all it came with was manuals and a spoke wrench but in the pamphlet it says you get misc gaskets ,masterlink ,lever set,and some filters. I got this simular package with my 06 the shop owner says it didnt come with it anybody else not get theres cheers rob
  9. bullock5

    clutch ?

    when is it time to replace the clutct and how much do i need to replace the plates and springs, the basket or presure plate and hub? my problem is i have went down in 2 of my races lately and when i get up and go to start it i cant get the thing in neutral to kick it , would that just be the basket is notched ? any clutch advice is good cheers rob ps i hate transmission and suspension stuff
  10. bullock5

    bar mounts

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- was looking at getting a new top clamp and barmount kit has anyone used the universal enginering kit? if so what do you think ? 06 rmz 450 i snapped the top bar mount ....i heard this happens a fair bit cheers rob
  11. bullock5


    should i go 10-40 or 20-50 ? I am going to get the maxima synthetic blend . anybody have any comments cheers rob i live in vancouver canada temp here is 6 degrees to 35 degrees
  12. bullock5

    spark plug

    I have about 45 hours on my 06 rmz450 is it necessary to change the plug or should i just keep running it cheers rob
  13. bullock5


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I aws thinking of picking up the kenda milleville sticky rear tires does any body have anything good or bad about these?and suggestions for the front? I usually ride aggasiz and mission tracks thanks
  14. bullock5


    Hey people I ride a 06 rmz 450 im 165 lbs, int rider took my forks in to get oil ,seals ,and rebuild. Ask the guy what to get done he said new springs because im to light for current springs. Do you people tink that it will make a big difference? Its $140 more also what do you think of eibach components cheers rob
  15. bullock5

    cleaning air filter

    i started using bel ray air filter oil and it is so gooey and hard to clean , is it all right to use gas to clean it? I am going to go back to the no toil oil instead it washed out no problem any advice? cheers rob