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  1. I’ve given Marvin a ton of crap over the years but i’m proud of him for that move. This isn’t pro knitting. Shut up, Cowboy up and ride.
  2. Hope he has a long and happy retirement.
  3. I was just wondering the other day what happened to him.
  4. knobbies on polished concrete?!?!
  5. Davi gave up a kidney to the sport. He can hang it up with complete respect. Hope he does well with whatever venture he gets into next.
  6. RV crashed himself silly plenty of times.
  7. Anderson skirts that line between brilliance and disaster. He's in for a major get off.
  8. Grab throttle until the back end starts trying to come around to the front and then back off a tad. That's your sweet spot. Stay loose and look ahead.
  9. Dungey was over it and he’s done. Not a chance.
  10. Glad to see Roczen doing well but I'm not willing to bet everything on him yet. Someone doing something as simple as taking his front wheel could spell catastrophe.
  11. Plessinger!!! Hold onto it!!!
  12. http://cricfree.sc/fox-sports-1-usa-live-stream Don't ever say that I don't like you guys.....well I don't like some of you
  13. JS7 is gonna be kicking himself for not showing up. He would have had to just wait for everyone to get hurt
  14. Injuries left and right. 2018 is shaping up to be another snooze fast.
  15. Monster Energy Kawasaki is entirely separate from pro circuit kawasaki. Does Mitch make decisions there too?