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  1. cam worked awsome..real big power notice..i only put the intake cam in because i knew i wasnt going to put full exhaust on..i always thought if your dont change the full exhaust then you are not doing anything by changeing the exhaust cam..
  2. thank you its in my garage what might you say its worth
  3. oh please could someone tell me how to get the pictures on here..they are in my pictures on my computer..dont know how yet..thanks johnny
  4. i was just wondering if you could tell me what you think my 06 sm is worth..i have the baja rear taillight with mini blinkers..i have fmf slip on and i have fmf grafix on the bike..i also have black tag t2 bars but im waiting for the bar mounts to come in..i put a dj jet kit in and hot cam on intake..3x3 air box mods..and 1 down on the front tooth..i only have 420 miles on it and its pretty much mint..please help..i need to do upgrades to the new house and my wife is about to kill me..thanks johnny..oh it yellow
  5. does anyone have a part number from parts unlimited..
  6. ok i just bought my 06 sm and did a few mods from what i have read now that i have changed my gearing and put new cam in and have jet kit..all i here everyone talk about is the fcr carb..could someone tell me more about it..where to get it and does anyone have a picture of it..thank you johnny...oh and as soon as my bar mounts come in i will show you guys some pictures of the friends think im crazy doing all this to a on/off road but i love it..its more fun to ride than my 05 gsxr 1000 or my 04 busa..
  7. does anyone have a few pictures of what you got for the rear set up instead of the huge mud flap on there...
  8. to late already did all the mods i talked about..and yes your are rite it kinda sounds a little revve at 50 doing to put the stock rear back on and leave the 1 tooth down in the front and see what it feels like..i like the pipe i got on there not to loud and looks good..i just would like it if suzuki put a 6th gear in there..can some one show me some pictures of what you did for the huge mud/plate flap in the rear i dont just what to cut it..i want a smakker tail light and blinkers...thanks johnny
  9. ok so i would like to say hi to everyone and ask a few questions if i may..i have been riding for about 23 years now and had everything under the sun to ride..well for the past few years i have worked at a suzuki dealer and am very much in love with suzuki ..i even have a suzuki tatoo on my right arm..anyway i just bought a 06 drz400sm and i must say i love it so far..i have ahd a 04 drz400s and no lie i have had 4 ltz 400"s not to mention many many street bikes..well i just bought it today and yesterday i overnighted a few things for it to give her a little pep...i knew from the drz400s that the motor was a little weak so i got a hot cam jet kit and fmf slip on and re geared it ..i went down one tooth in the front and up 5 teeth in the rear..i was wondering what other mods i could do to get a little more low end out of her..and last but not least i wish suzuki put a 6th gear in it...thank you and i look foward to be apart of thumpertalk .com..johnny