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  1. wolf_tt600

    TT600R motard conversion

    Yeah mate no luck at local wreckers so far. TT600R is almost like an exotic up here hardly see any around at all. will keep looking as i wanna keep my dirt wheels too. Just a long shot but are ttr250 hubs the same size?
  2. wolf_tt600

    TT600R motard conversion

    Hey mate I am in Brissie. I love the look of the spoked wheels, I've found a guy up here that will lace some rims to the original hubs for about $350-400 per wheel. I know will lose the original wheels then but atleast wont have to worry about spacers and stuff. Wat size tyres are you going to try? Let me know how u go with the front caliper bracket, need some ideas on that. Are you staying with the stock exhaust or upgrading? Keep me posted on ur progress dude, can't wait to see the finished product.
  3. wolf_tt600

    How Do I Build A SuperMotard?

    Here is a link I found helpful: http://www.supermoto.co.il/Technical-en.htm
  4. wolf_tt600

    TT600R motard conversion

    Ok...So far I have managed to find two links with some info: http://www.supermotard.co.nz/ttr.html http://www.supermoto.co.il/Technical-en.htm Seems to be pretty straight forward. So far I can see I'll be needing: Wheels Bigger front brake rotor, perhaps caliper + master cylinder upgrade Street rubber Sprocket/chain change?? The bike already has braided lines and Im more than happy with the suspension. Unfortunately most of the info I can find on this bike is in Italian or German Have ordered a CD Workshop Manual from Yamaha, hopefully that will reveal some of the bike's mysteries.
  5. wolf_tt600

    TT600R motard conversion

    Hey guys, just picked myself up a 2001 Yamaha TT600R. Just wondering if anyone has attempted to convert to SM? I wouldn't exactly call myself a technical guru, but I am willing to mess around and get my hands dirty. Am hoping to make a winter project out of it. To be honest I dont really know where to begin. Obviously rim, tyre and brake upgrades are in order, but what sizes etc? Are there any general guides out there that can take me through the necessary steps? Im hoping to do a little tame adventure riding but 90% will be on road use. Any help would be much appreciated. I've tried the search and didnt find much info on the TT600 as far as sm goes. Matt