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  1. bad_mofo

    Considering KTM buy...

    im a 6-3 and 240, you want the 525 i had the 450 and its ok but the 525 is the best for trail.....i woud not get the 400 its way to small and it just dosent have the tork. my buddy has the 400 exc and its a nice bike but its no 450 or 525. and im telling you 525 exc is a good all around bike. and in the sand it just hauls ass. with the stock tire........
  2. bad_mofo

    For all you who live in the bay area.

  3. they have a new 700 kit for the 525. has it been tested out here ?
  4. bad_mofo

    04 525 weak I need more

    get a new 525 and put the 700 kit on it
  5. bad_mofo

    450EXC Questions

    i put 40 hours on my 05 525 and no valve adj. wen it gets hard to start then its time to adj