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  1. Mike The Canuck

    New CRF450X Necessities

    How do I remove the smog pump
  2. Need some help here up in Canada. I have a 2005 crf450x it is -15 and lower up here . what main jet should I be using . I took the snorkel off the air box . I would also like to take the insert out of the exhaust for the sound but was told I could burn out my exhaust valve is this true. I have another question how do I block the smog pump and will this give me more power . Mike The Canuck 2005 CRF450X 1998 CBR600 Sold 2001 CR125
  3. Mike The Canuck

    Riding in snow

    For more control on ice lower your front forks right to your bars . I have even takin one fork spring right out & it handeld great. the softer the better to get more wieght on the front tire. But don't even bother on ice without studs . give that a shot you will not be disapointed. Up here in canada we eat ice & snow as well as dirt. Mike The Canuck.