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  1. Hi Burned, I have all jetting ready as per your advise but I have problem getting emn needle where I am: 160 main jet 200 main air jet emn needle 3rd clip 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet 2 turns fuel screw Also, the coast enrichner has been removed. Is there online seller for the Needle? Pls advise And, how do I do taffy mod. I notice my squirt is more than 1 sec, How do I do the mod? Thanks in advance
  2. I've been reading and confused. I'm using a FCR from E model in my '05 DRZ400sm. I'm using a GPR exhaust and have already had a 3 x 3 cut out at air box as advised by expert here. My location is very much equal to sea level. I am wondering what is a good jetting combination. Also, what's a taffy mod? Anyone advise pls.
  3. Thanks a million HawkGT, for your response. I have looked at Jet R us, they don't sell any jet needles. As for Sudco, they don't sell online. It is a frustrating situation as I have done the rest but missing the jet needle. Could burned assist pls?
  4. Hi all, Could anyone advise which online retailers can I go to for Keihin FCR jet needles. I'm in a region where there's no dealers(SGP). I am trying get EMN and DXP jet needles as advise by Burned for my DRZ400SM with a FCR from E model. ANyone pls. WL