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  1. scott2424

    Noobie in the central valley CA

    Hey guys.. I doubt ill go as far as east as that but thinks for the offer. Goat, Bear valley is pretty close to me but ive never been there. I deliver fuel to mariposa during the week so maybe a saturday some time we could get together for some exploring of the roads. I bought a Jetmoto 200 a few years ago and it was WAY to small for me as im 6'3" . When i got on it vanished..lol I dont know if you ever heard of jetmoto but its a chinese copy of the old xr 200. brand new it cost me $1300 so i couldnt pass it up. i sold it a few years ago for the same price so i did ok but i always told myself i wanted a 650 so i got one.... hit me up again lets work out the details. or maybe a off road park somewhere like La Grange.
  2. Hey all i'm new to the dual sport thing and i am looking for people around me to do day trips on the weekends. Im in merced ca . I'm wanting to ride the mariposa area on the fire roads. theres alot of miles up there. I just got a 2014 XR650L and i want to put some miles on it. I dont want to ride alone in case something happens. let me know.
  3. scott2424

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    hello all, you all no doubt heard this before but here goes... has anyone heard of VENOM MOTORS? they sell parts that look like they would work on a JETMOTO GY200-TT.... the jet moto has a 46 tooth rear sprocket and i would like to go to a 42 or 40.... It has a top speed of 62 MPH and i like to ride on the street so i dont wanna push it to bad just to keep from getting run over.any help would be great. thanks
  4. I cant put in pictures???????????????
  5. got 100 miles on it now and changed the mirrors to end bar mirrors. i can see now. ill post some pictures soon i hope if anyone wants to see it.just let me know.if i caqn figure it out. some help would be cool.
  6. i was riding with my uncle today and the bike has a top speed of 62 mph but that is winding the hell out of it does anyone know of any sprockets that will interchange with them so i can get 60 without winding out so bad? any help will be helpfull .and what is the stock teeth ?
  7. well ................. I got the plate!!!!!! Its not concidered a jetmoto anymore its a SPCNS and the year is 0000 not a 2006. I think its funny but who cares I GOT MY PLATE LOL
  8. its not gonna be rode in the rain so i dont have to worry about that part but it will keep the mud out so im good there.i went to the dmv today and got the ball rollingbut first i went and got all the inspections like the lights,brakes,and vin verification.i took it to the dmv in my home town and .the i went to my truck and had a smoke and calmed down.thought to myself and decided to go to the dmv about an hour away and low and behold i might get a plate for it.this is what happened ....... first dmv told me that i needed some bs paper from the dealer .....so i went to the guy that i bought it from and he said he sold one to a guy that lives in los banos about an hour away and he got a plate so i tried it and it is now a kit bike .....BUT...the chp field out the wrong paper so i have to take the right one back to him and i also need receipts for the bike itself as proof it is a kit bike.its a little bit of a run around but its worth it if i get a plate and i think i will becouse the lady at the LOS BANOS CALIFORNIA DMV gave me a temparory permit so i can ride it on the street ..... needless to say im a happy camper as for the sprocket thing im not gonna mess with it for now im just gonna pute around town and put some easy miles on it hell i put 28 miles on it today..... any one from central cali that has one of these here china bikes if so lets do some riden maybe????????
  9. I just bought my 200 jetmoto and so far so good. I changed the oil and checked the screen and also found what looked like and felt like some china mans shirt. when i took it out for its maiden trip it seemed like it was being choked out so i went to the local powersports shop and got a new air filter and took off the big bulky air box and what do ya know instant H.P. . . Im new to the whole motorcycle thing but all i wanna do is learn so you cant beat the price in my opinion.but my biggest problem is the foot pegs is that they are WAY to small for my size 13 butt kickers.