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  1. mtbfamily

    curious about te rear tire sizing?

    thanks for the input. with the amount of road time on the te, i am not too concerned with dot status.
  2. the te 250 has a smaller rear tire than the 450. what might be the advantages? (my ducati perfomed better with a smaller rear due to the profile) as a new dirt guy my TE 450 rear is done and i am contemplated its replacement.
  3. mtbfamily

    clutch slave trouble shooting - clues

    less than a year old - i have used the magura fluid which appears to be the same as my moutain bike magura brakes (they have been very reliable)
  4. mtbfamily

    clutch slave trouble shooting - clues

    thanks for the advice. odd in that the bike has limited use, only about 13 hours.
  5. after the lever found its way to the bar without actuating the clutch, i found the reservoir empty. no sign of leaks anywhere?? is it possible to remove the slave from the case and test for leaks? i am guessing that most people simply change it but is is pricey? thanks
  6. mtbfamily

    06 TE 250 gremlin - any clues?

    thanks for the info - by the way, jd kit and smog removed. ill give it a go this weekend.
  7. charging around on the street on a warm day only to have the bike stop running. the bike had been running for around 30 minutes. no coughing as when low on gas, just nothing. checked the gas line out of the petcock, with supply steady. after pushing, attempting to start numerous times, i hid the bike behind a tree and got a ride home. after pulling it home on the trailer (several hours later) low and behold it started. any ideas? thanks
  8. mtbfamily

    '06 TE250 is in the Garage!

    great looking bike. what did you pay for the red/white plastics? also - buy yourself some radiator guards - the are susceptible to damage!
  9. mtbfamily

    06 TE valve shims

    i am going to guts it and order the 05 shims - thanks for the input
  10. mtbfamily

    06 TE valve shims

    does anyone know if the 05 shims are the same as the 06? dealers have only the 05 shims for valve adjustments. thanks