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  1. mine does the same thing, not very consistent though like a hic-up once in a while, maybe something to do with all the vent hoses also, going in and out of the tank and carb, and smog canisters, or maybe just dirt in the carb
  2. thanks for the info..what elevation do you ride at.??
  3. rode our new 09 klx 250 in lake tahoe ca. area 6000-7000 feet elevation.. power dropped ..anyone done the changes to jetting for higher elevations 0n these new models..owners manual states there are actual mods that can be done by dealerships..for higher elevation..talked to a dealership in carson city nevada, no help at all...love the bike , needs a little more gitty-up, also thinking of gear /sprocket changes, any recomendation.???
  4. wr250z

    U.S. WR250F vs. Canadian WR250

    can someone explain to me what the grey wire exactly does to the 06 wr250,and what is the result for disconnecting it,is it part of a rev limiter,yes / no, also throttle stop screw...thanks