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  1. 262 2stroke

    wr250 06 power up

    I think you can put a CR ignition in the bike and it will give it a more aggressive hit as well as moto pipe and silencer
  2. 262 2stroke

    2011 husky wr 250, 2 stroke

    Been the same for quite awhile for the rear, newer Beta changed to a different pattern, 13 I think.
  3. 262 2stroke

    spring fork pressure build up

    Could it be moisture in your forks? thinking that the moisture gets hot and builds pressure, that's why shocks use Nitrogen as as vehicles are putting Nitrogen in tires as well. Bones at PC said in a vid, you should only have to bleed them once a day and not a fan of quick bleeders
  4. 262 2stroke

    No offense--but why are motocross guys such pricks?

    Well, it's been almost 2 years and he is still racing and has no issues with other riders, he rides smart. He is a top 3 kid now on a YZ125 against 250f's
  5. 262 2stroke

    Kenny's Bike... Is it me, or?

    Agreed and RC is never wrong
  6. I disagree with this, small 2 strokes running wide open all the time are better with a richer oil mix, my sons MX bikes have always run 32:1 and my Husky WR250 I run 50:1 but it doesn't see the high rpm's like my son's YZ125 yet his bike doesn't have a dribble of spooge and my bike it runs down the silencer IMO
  7. 262 2stroke

    YZ 250 Neutral switch

    Have a friend with one and the switch failed, he just unplugged it and it ran fine
  8. 262 2stroke

    Beta tire choices?

    Considering it's a tube type tire with 3rd party Tubliss system I'm surprised they did replace it considering it's really not there issue, if anything it would be a Tubliss issue but good for them to keep a customer happy
  9. 262 2stroke

    anyone riding at Popkum mx lately

    They always have updates on there Facebook page
  10. 262 2stroke

    Avoid GnarlyParts and Accessories Like The Plague

    What did you order?
  11. 262 2stroke

    Avoid GnarlyParts and Accessories Like The Plague

    I agree with you on that, holding up a whole order for one small part is frustrating for sure
  12. 262 2stroke

    New 1190......WOW!

    The front springs are defiantly an issue, almost half the travel soon as you take it off the stand and scary because it steepens the head angle so much it makes it quick steering in fast back and forth conditions
  13. I was told the green strip is comparable with the GT gummy but lasts longer. He was out of stock on the green stripe so I couldn't do the finger test. I have used the yellow stripe in the past with good results, the IRC MB5 is a pretty good tire for soft conditions and works well in all conditions, rock, wet wood etc
  14. 262 2stroke

    Avoid GnarlyParts and Accessories Like The Plague

    He does his best to keep his prices low even with the dollar being down about 25% with all the fees, he is not raising his prices that much. I talked to another guy that buys containers of tire and it's an extra $5000 for a container with the exchange
  15. 262 2stroke

    New 1190......WOW!

    Be nice to have a more aggressive tread for sure, the rear just spins trying to get the front up over whoops or holes and front pushes on flat soft conditions.