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  1. Seti_1

    '05 Showa Shock Oddity

    Really, no freaking kidding? So you guys are saying the problem has to do with over-weight riders in combination with the alignment of moon in relationship to the stars. Thus causing the nitrogen to get transported, via black-magic, into the shock-body. That is just downright mind-boggling... Thanks!
  2. Seti_1

    Finally got to ride with my subtanks

    You should market those, dude! You'd make a lot of money with that low overhead... Nice job, btw!
  3. An alarming amount of Showa Shocks, so far only on the 'O5 CRF lineup, that have passed through here had internal nitrogen leakage. The nitrogin has mixed in with the oil... I've been checking the PSI in there resivour of those, and they're typically somewhere around 35-70 PSI. Natrually the combonation of nitrogin in the system, and drasstically low nitrogin reserve PSI has been causing by riders all kinds of problems. I have also noticed that the shocks where this has been occuring, the riders were quite a bit heavier than your average rider -- 230lbs + After servicing, where I still haven't noticed anything catastropfic to cause this, and problem doesn't seem to be re-accuring. Just checked my notes; out of 49 '05's serviced this year alone, 9 had this problem... I had read in Trasnsworld Motocross where a shock on some project CRF for a heavy rider, the shock had the same problem! Anyone have more information on this, or is it just me? Probably just me, as is the norm...
  4. Seti_1

    Red Bud Lites torrent

    I believe you're correct. I had to check myself thinking TiVO had failed me somehow...
  5. Seti_1


    Those are some tough s.o.b's... Great vid, thanks!
  6. Seti_1

    CRF's Only

  7. Seti_1

    What is ur favorite jumping picture?

    I love that picture! Of course the video's of that are great also. But the picture is destined to become one of the most famous and popular motocross pictures of all time. And rightfully so
  8. Nice little table top jump, but I'm with the other guys, that's a good 40' short of 100 feet!
  9. One of the best whips I've ever seen Great style too.
  10. Seti_1

    a few wheelies on the X...

    They're only waiting patiently for the day you finally kill yourselves... They're probably placing bets on it actually.
  11. Seti_1

    Anyone ride a track like this?

    Gawd... What a awesome looking layout I really enjoy riding wHoOpEd out sections like those, man. Not so much the gnarly beat down ones, but at least the semi groomed ones as you've posted there. Sweet! I'd give anything to have something like that around here, damn! Good pics, thanks for posting them
  12. Seti_1

    Best Chain Lube

    AMSOIL Metal Protector. Simply the best
  13. Seti_1

    Explain this to me

    My 2005 CRF250X has been dead reliable. Keep up with your basic maintenance and I believe you've got one of the most reliable bikes around.
  14. Seti_1

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    I plan on buying a KTM 250SXF just as soon as I get the funds to do so Every model bike has a lemon or two. The first order of business for a dealer when someone call about these things is to attempt to get out of the situation financially. That's just the nature of the business... Just keep at them like you said you were going to do and I can almost promise you they'll cover the repair expenses. You're angry, that's understandable, but try to not get too upset because like I said, it's just an unfortunate element of the business world - rule one: try to not take responsibility.
  15. Seti_1

    Indiana Trail Riding!

    Actually those are some pretty damn nice pictures Looks like some fun and aggressive riding. The dirt looked nice also.