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  1. LEN FA

    what Gear

    I was wondering what gear everyone thougt went good with the crfs and what colour.
  2. LEN FA

    Proud new CRF 250R owner!

    I'm waitin for mine, gonna have her in the garage and hopfully riden her this week.
  3. LEN FA

    narrowed it down to two 0f them!!!!

    I just put a 06 crf 250 on order and can't wait for her to be in my garage!!
  4. LEN FA


    Sorry guys i know this is off topic but, thumperwrench89 what did you use to take the paint off your clutch cover, that looks sweet.
  5. LEN FA

    Do You Holler When You're Racing?

    Yea, I really only yell when im about to case, or goin for something the first time that im not to sure that im gonna make!! And it's usually OOH CRAP!!!!!
  6. I have a 2006 crf 250 and I was just wonder how good radiator braces work? If any one has had them and has a suggestion on which ones are the best let me know. thanks