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  1. Russ Henry

    Tahuya this Saturday

    I will see you at 9a
  2. Russ Henry

    Tahuya this Saturday

    Conditions should be great! Staging at Effendahl. Start at 10a sharp. Let me know if you would like to join me Russ
  3. Ride For A Warrior in Bend Results. Thank you to all that attended. We went from 113 riders last year to over 250 this year. And a special thanks to the James and Teresa Nagle for such excellent food! Superior Motorsports and Pro Caliber for their generous donations.
  4. Russ Henry

    Ride For Our Warriors on Nov 10 and 11 update

    Breakfast to 11a . Long route is 40 to 45. Route A is the best. C is good and about 30 to 35. You will get a colored map and are free to explore. A "Bike only" covers 80% of the best riding in the park. A and C are good also. 3rd gear and up all day long !
  5. Russ Henry

    Ride For Our Warriors on Nov 10 and 11 update

    7a Breakfast and sign in begins on both days. I am staying at Sleep In
  6. Russ Henry

    Tahuya winter trail maintenance thread.

    Lets organize a work party. ex. Focus on one section a day for a couple hours then ride. Two days a week should get it cleared quickly
  7. Russ Henry

    Ride For Our Warriors on Nov 10 and 11 update

    Thank you. The weather forecast is looking awesome!
  8. Russ Henry

    Tahuya winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I think this is a great idea. You do a lot more than any of us to promote cool rides and unity in the sport. I apologize to you and anyone else that was offended by my comment. I meant it to be self deprecating humor.
  9. Russ Henry

    Tahuya winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Starting earlier would be better for me
  10. Russ Henry

    Tahuya winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I am in if I don't go to AZ for the winter. Will know in two weeks. Also . Starting at 1p in the winter only gives us about 3 to 4 hours before dark. Can we start a couple hours earlier ? 10a ?
  11. This Sunday. Flyer and photo's from last year. The cooks in action!
  12. Great riding,great food and all for a great cause is only three weeks away! Ride For A Warrior November 10 and 11 in Bend Oregon. Save $25 per day by prepaying online. Go to www.offroadridersforveterans.com. Go to the "donate/pay" button. Attached is the updated flyer
  13. Russ Henry

    Mattawa Ride Party: Oct 13/14 Saturday & Sunday

    The mountains should be excellent! I am going to Eugene and will be trying to put the Sherco on the podium in the 50+ AM class! lol
  14. Only on week away from the most popular race in the NMA series. The Rimrock Grand Prix. The course is laid out in Rimrock lake. The venue is epic! Hope to see you there and bring some friends. You don't even have to sign up for the race. New - Just announced - Premiere Power Sports of Yakima will be hosting a Husqvarna Demo Day at the Rimrock Grand Prix Headquarters at Silver Beach Resort, from 1:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. Saturday October 6, 2018.
  15. Russ Henry

    Who is going to the Rimrock Grand Prix ?

    I just signed you up! Start time is 10:30a. Bring the 300