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  1. Kilted Duck Poker Run condition update. We just finished marking the course and the conditions are great and will be better tomorrow. This is going to be a really neat event! Hope to see a lot of you tomorrow.
  2. We will be there set up next to the registration booth
  3. I am setting up my easy up at the Fringe this Friday and Sat. How many hats do you want ? Thanks Scott, And thank you for the purchase loan. I will have a update on Monday
  4. Thanks Scott, And thank you for the purchase loan. I will have a update on Monday
  5. Thank you for the support. We had almost 100 riders attend. The weather and riding conditions were ideal. We raised $1250.00 towards the next chair purchase and are only $3750 away. Marie Roberts won the woman's Highest Up the Hill Contest and Rick Mianeke Won the men's. Al Olsen was able to make it and gave a touching testimonial on how the chair has impacted him and his families life. Kevin Bise and his crew did a great job leading the rides and the Nagles served up awesome food !
  6. Ride
  7. I am teaching a fitness class at LA Fitness. Something came up and I have to cancel
  8. Anyone up for joining me this Saturday at 12p ? Meet at Effendahl
  9. Home Finance and Off Road Riders For Veterans will be ! Should be a great event!
  10. It rained yesterday and a little today. The dirt is like Velcro! Forecast for Sat and Sun is partially sunny and 50
  11. March Madness at Mattawa Menu Here is the menu for breakfast and brunch plus the side dishes you bring. 5 raffle tickets will be given for each side dish. We will be dining in a 20 x 40 tent with heat, light,tables and chairs. Fits 80 comfortably. Menu. Breakfast Hot cakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon for starters. Saturday we are doing salmon and chicken breasts with asparagus. Sunday Teresa is making her World Famous Dirt Bike Sandwiches. Coffee and cocca and bottled watet will also be available.
  12. Glad you can make it. It is going to be a fun weekend!
  13. March Madness at Mattawa update. Who is going to win one of these beautiful plaques and a $100 bill ? Only two weeks away. Here is the plaque for the winner of the Highest Up The Hill Contest each day for both the Men and Woman plus a fresh Benjamin Franklin. $100 bill You can participate one day or two. Large area for kids,RV's and camping. We will have a 20 x 40 enclosed tent and multiple porta poties set up by mid day on Friday This is going to be a really fun event!
  14. Come to this event and you will get to ride the best of Mattawa with a two time winner of the Mattawa 100 Kevin Bise. Kevin is 61 and has lived at the base of the riding area since he was 8.