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  1. MaverickAus

    KLX250R/KLX300R engine swap

    http://bandbcyclerestorations.com big bore kits
  2. MaverickAus

    tire pressure

    Do you have rimlocks?
  3. MaverickAus

    klr-250 wont idle.

    1st time I've heard of this problem, I have both a KLR250 and a KLX250 ridden both quite a bit trail riding
  4. MaverickAus

    2009 KLX250S - Performance Mods

    Countershaft sprocket, use a long bar and someone to hold the brake lever down. I choose to retain my airbox as stock others remove the snorkle or use a KDX snorkle or drill holes in the lid. Also removing the backfire mesh seems to gain a bit of power at the slight risk of fire in the airbox. Changing the air filter is also popular. I changed the carb to a Bill Blue Mikuni TM33. Makes a huge difference in responsiveness and makes the bike easy to start. Jetting the stock carb there is heaps of info in this forum and at Kawasaki Forums in the KLX250 section. FMF seem to make a quality product, I have one on my KDX200. I put a Staintune on my KLX250 it was a bit loud for my liking so I sold it. I suggest you have a look at wwwkawasakiforums.com for any other info. Oh yeah bikerman above said about big bore kits, doubt you want to do that yet but if you do Bill Blue does a 331 kit and a 351 kit.
  5. MaverickAus

    Switch from Honda to Kawsaki?

    Honda's are crap, Kawasaki's are great
  6. MaverickAus

    Flipping front sprocket

    Sure you can but I wouldn't
  7. You won't be sorry
  8. MaverickAus

    Bad news bears tonight :(

    Sounds like the engine or gearbox seized either way it will be expensive
  9. MaverickAus

    Brake Questions - 1995 KX125

    Sounds like the bolt or thread has been damaged. I'd suggest buying a new banjo bolt (and washers) and see how that goes. If thats no good you may need to buy a tap to clean up the threads in the caliper. Don't forget it is soft aluminium if you decide to go this way. A bleeder pump would probably be a good idea if you are going to change fluids regularly and you have several bikes. Cheers p.s. this might help http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/maintenance/brakes.htm
  10. MaverickAus

    cant get rear sprocket off wheel

    Did you read the post? Do you know what the OP is talking about? There is no nut and the bolt will not fall out if you drill the head off. The bolt goes through the sprocket and screws into the hub
  11. MaverickAus

    KLX250S starting issues resolved

    Try reading the OP
  12. MaverickAus


  13. MaverickAus

    kx 250 front caliper sticking?

    You didn't tighten the axle too much?
  14. MaverickAus

    Never owned a 2t, until now.......

    buy a trail bike eg a KDX200
  15. This bloke makes them http://www.bandbcyclerestorations.com/Home_Page.html I have bought 4 off him and all have been excellent (page 5 has his phone number and email address)