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  1. I have exactly the same problem. The bike dies in deeper river crossings.Once on the other side it will kick start and splutter and then be OK. Its like the engine heat dries something out and its OK. I have installed a new plug boot but no difference. Cant figure it out.
  2. After bashing and belting for several days I too decided that cutting the bolt was the only option before I did some costly damage. Theres enough flex to pry it apart enough to fit a thin blade in.The bolt is soft and hollow but the bush is hardened so you need to fit past it. It took about 8 Tons of pressure to free the cut bolt piece from the bushing once it was out.
  3. I bought a cam from them for an XR200R trying to rebuild on the cheap. It was posted from Argentina and was junk as one lobe was under tolerance. Buy a quality know brand if you can.
  4. Please we need a torrent for those overseas that dont get Speed
  5. It would be great to follow the GNCC from Australia. We have a few riders in the top 10 and torrents are the only way we can see any video. Please help.