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  1. bchitwood73

    07 DRZ400S Jetting (oops)

    Its a stage 1 Dynojet kit repackaged as an FMF kit. It came with 3 main jets and no pilot jets. I can't remember what size the mains were but none were big enough
  2. So I did the 3x3 mod yesterday on my 2007 DRZ400s and also installed what FMF calls a "Jet Kit". The bike runs and accually has a lot more bottom end then it did stock but something is not quite right. Its popping on deceleration and I also had to turn my idle WAY up. For now I have the stock jets installed with the FMF (Dynojet) needle on the 3rd clip and the air screw out about 2.5 turns. I am at sea level here in Western Washington running a totally stock bike other then the 3x3 mod and the Dynojet stuff. Until I get a JD kit is there is better setup I can be running with this? Thanks
  3. bchitwood73

    Trying an HMF Pipe for the DRZ-S

    I had an HMF slip-on bolted to a 04 LTZ-400 quad (Same motor as the DRZ) and for the price it was great. I am just now going to start bolting on some parts for my 07 DRZ400S and am considering another HMF but I am open to suggestions. I can't speak for the DRZ but I know that for the LTZ (Quad) getting an aftermarket headpipe was a waist of money unless you did cams, FCR carb and at least a 440 kit. I would like to at lease for now keep my DRZ pretty mild with a slip-on, 3x3 mod, JD Jet kit and if there is any reason to, an aftermarket air filter. 1: Am I going to gain anything by replacing the stock air filter? 2: Who makes a "slip-on" exhaust thats got good gains and is USFA approved without being WAYYYY too loud? 3: Does the JD kit use the same numbers as OEM jets? In other words is a 155 JD jet the same as a 155 OEM? I know this is not the case with some others. Thank you guys
  4. bchitwood73

    Quick 3x3 Q

    Yes the bike is totally stock, stock carb, stock filter, stock pipe. At this time all I am looking to do is the 3x3 mod.
  5. bchitwood73

    Quick 3x3 Q

    Sorry for the delay in my reply. I have an 07 DRZ-400S totally stock. I got my FMF Jet kit online and yes its a stage one. I thought this is was I needed if I wanted to hold off on any exhaust mods but from what I have read, I need much larger jets just to do the 3x3? If I were to run down to the local Suzuki dealer what Mikuni jets would I need for a 3x3 mod on an 07 DRZ-400S at sea level?
  6. bchitwood73

    Quick 3x3 Q

    When you guys are refering to Jet sizes, are you always talking about the DJ type or genuine Mikuni type because I know there is a difference. For example a 150 dyno jet jet is not the same as a 150 mikuni. I can't remember the conversion but they are not the same. The reason I ask is because I just got an FMF (repackaged Dyno Jet) kit and it came with 132, 134, and 136. All I want to do for now is a 3x3 and re-jet? Thanks
  7. bchitwood73

    Which Jet Do I Need To Use??????

    I just received my FMF Jet kit yesterday because I am planing on doing the 3x3 airbox mod soon. Th box says it covers 01 through 06 DRZ400S models but I have an 07. Were there any major carb changes from 06 to 07? I am at sea level and plan to do the stock exhaust mod soon also but not right away. Thank you, I am new to the DRZ world but I used to have a Z400 so I am somewhat frimiler with this engine.
  8. Ok fokes here is the deal. My friend has given up on his RM 250 and will be buying one of the new 450s here very soon but he has no idea which one would work best for him so I told I would look around some on the net so here is the deal. He is a big boy, 6'8'' and around 260lbs. He mostly rides trails, dunes, and once in a while an MX race. He is a novice rider who goes out just about every weekend these days. After reading just about every single 450 shootout I can find, I am still not sure what the overall message is other then they are all good. So with that being said I would like to get some input from riders who have already made this decision, and why? What are some Pros and Cons to these bikes from the normal people that own them instead of just ride them for 2 days? Cost is not that big of a factor here because they are all in the same ballpark price range, and when it comes to fixing and maintenance, we can do just about anything to a bike that does not require a machine shop. The bikes he is considering are the Suzuki RM-Z450, Honda CRF-450, Kawasaki KX450F, and the Yamaha YZ450F.