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  1. yzf250_616

    Cold Start Button?

    i never touch the throttle but always use the choke. i recently snapped my choke knob thingy and am looking for another 1. i was trying to straighten it after an incendent in a race
  2. yzf250_616

    how do you put in the spark plug?

    wasnt this a kx250f thingy not 450, and honestly who cares wether or not u pull the tank off or use a torque wrench its up to who evers bike it is to decide, peace...
  3. yzf250_616

    how do you put in the spark plug?

    swivel extension
  4. yzf250_616

    how do you put in the spark plug?

    why would it be at an angle?
  5. yzf250_616

    Tricked out yzf's??

    yer looks good i love the red forks but rrrr going by ur pics looks like ur missing a pretty important component!!
  6. yzf250_616

    how do you put in the spark plug?

    easy fix, since the other end of the tool fits most bolts on the bike the outside is a 12mm so you simply apply a 12mm socket to you torque wrench and you then have it done to the rite torque
  7. yzf250_616

    how do you put in the spark plug?

    typical of ur kxf to blow up!
  8. yzf250_616

    how do you put in the spark plug?

    dont wanna brag but with the yammy it came with a tool that folds in half an go down the hole then straightens and the plug can b undone
  9. yzf250_616

    best upgrades for 250f?

    yeh i ported my '05 yzf250 and i rekon it gave it alot more bottom end to mid. also there is a little bit of tweaking u can do to the airbox for better air flow that i found works good. a good idea also is a wiseco high compression piston
  10. yzf250_616

    dial in my suspension

    how do u measure the sag?? im 5' 11" and 75kg wat should the sag be set at?
  11. yzf250_616

    05 250f front end question

    i have a '05 yz250f. the left fork protector since new has just clipped the side of the fork as it moves through the stroke, i have tried undoing the bolts and moving it and even bending the plastic but nothing seems to stop it. please help
  12. yzf250_616

    pissed off

    MY mate had a crash while racing the other weekend and snapper 13 spokes in the front wheel. luckily i wasn't racing on my wheel fitted his bike, he went to our local yamaha dealer which quoted him AU $230 for the spokes without the nipples. Is there a cheaper aftermarket option.
  13. yzf250_616

    blown fork seal aready!

    My mate and his dad that i go riding with do a set of fork seals a year each and im still yet to blow a fork seal EVER. i found this weird as we ride the excact same terrain and go through the same puddles!! also my mates dad runs circuit frok savers and they don't seem to help!! ______________________ '05 Yzf250 - Reikon Fat bars, twin air filter, Extreme Port Work 'Old Kawasaki AGI 100 - once i cleaned the air filter
  14. yzf250_616

    49 tooth sprocket on 06 YZF250?

    yeah i went 50 on my 05 and i love it. Good on grass tracks but 48 even 47 would be a lot better for my local mx track