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  1. if you havent already checked out the racer x motocross show on http://live.motocross.com/, your missing out big time! ama national motocross has never had coverage like this before! mx fans are finally getting the coverage we crave, with round by round internet broadcasts. the racer x crew puts together 2 fantastic programs. the pre show, which is posted saturday evening, with footage from saturdays practice, rider interviews, news and gossip from the insiders. the post show is up on monday. featuring moto highlights, results, and press confrence snip-its. they manage to make almost a full half hour fly by, with tons of industry insight, keeping us up to date on motocross world, all the while never feeling dragged out or dull. i cant put in to words how much i appreciate the motocross show! finally mx is getting the coverage that rivals that of any mainstream sport. now, i wonder, how long will we wait untill its picked up and broadcast over cable tv?
  2. never owned a kawi, but my 06 crf250r has had more problems in one year then my 04 rmz had in 3 years!!!! t he air box is flimsy, the counter shaft seal leaked, and most recent was the lower connecting rod bearing failure, resulting in crank seizure! other then that it handles awesome and the motor is strong...
  3. yes it definatly sounds like honda has a problem with the crank bearings failing. every thread on this topic has the same story over and over again. mine went a few weeks back too:thumbsdn:
  4. awesome! i might have to bug you for advice while putting that tranny back together! looks like its going to be a hand full!
  5. right on, who put it all back together for you? i think ill be able to salvage the crank, will need to blend a bit of scoring out though...
  6. im wondering now if there was ever a recall on the oil jet or something.... does anyone out there have any experience working in a honda shop, or with honda engine rebuilds?
  7. well, heres my deal, let me know if this is common for 2006 crf250r: engine on my 06 crf250r started acting funny, i pulled off and it completely locked up (at idle) ... cant even kick it over! tore it down today to find the lower con rod bearing came apart, metal chunks from the bearing assy. in the sump. the crank is scored, underside of piston has damage, crank housing is scored, all sorts of metal all through the engine oil system. looks like the strainer kept all the big chunks out of the pump and ect. immediately before my ride i did an oil change, there wasn't a spec of metal in the filter. i used torco T4 mpz 10w40 for racing engines, just like ive been using all year. now the cases are split, crank must still be split, and i have a boatload of gears and bits to but back together. PLEASE someone give me a heads up on what to watch out for, and any tips/tricks to make things smoother, as this is my first complete engine rebuild... Much appreciated Derek
  8. suspension settings are unique to every rider and every track in terms of compression and rebound. rider sag is targeted 100mm, and maybe 105 for sand. for best results, take your time, play around with settings and see what works best. try to feel what the bike is doing. just because a fast guy has his suspension set a certain way, doenst mean it will work for you, or its proper for that matter. it takes years of practice to realize what the bike is doing and what adjustments need to be done.
  9. i just picked up my new 06 crf 250, i noticed it bogs if i snap the throttle wide open real fast. does anyone else have the same problem? im wondering if its an accelerator pump problem, and if an adjustment or an aftermarket quick shot cover will solve this.
  10. that bike is photo shopped all to hell!
  11. sleds are junk! ive ridden everything from 340 touring sleds all the way up to 800 mod snow crossers. nothing even comes close to a bike. you cant abuse a sled the same way you can abuse a bike. not to mention when you make a mistake riding a sled (case a double, tip over or whatever) it isnt as forgiving as a bike. coming up short on a jump means bent tunnel! not ot mention sleds have a big huge plastic cowling that likes to crack like a plastic dixie cup when you tip it over or bump something. 500lbs of junk! ive also owned a snow hawk. thinking that they were close as a bike as possible. WRONG! they are even crappier then sleds!
  12. dont it rain all the time there?
  13. for mx or off road?
  14. its march 1st, were still under 2 feet of snow. any one in canada riding outdoors yet? if so for how long, and is this the normal time you start riding? we dont usually start till mid april.