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  1. Skurge

    Supercross Where's Walker?

    What happened to Matt Walker? I haven't seen his name anywhere lately.
  2. Skurge

    New Ama Rule.

    I raced a RM 250 2-stroke and a KXF250 last year. My lap times were faster on the 4 stroke, but my starts were better on the 2-stroke.(More HP). Bottom line: It takes more skill to ride a 2 stroke fast, but its way more fun. The 4-stroke is more forgiving, but the fun factor is less.
  3. Skurge

    rm250 oily pipe

    Sounds like your burning a lot of oil. Check your gear oil, if your using a lot in a short time, (like one moto) you could have a bad case seal, like on the water pump shaft. Your power valve is probably getting gunked up from all the oil going through.
  4. Skurge

    RMX250 starting tricks?

    Have you checked the reeds? Sounds like they be "warped" off the cage.