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    2004 crf 230f
  1. dar8600

    Different bike graphics?

    I trimmed the FX kit for the cr125 250/450 to fit my 230. Just the fenders and the swingarms though. I kept the factory shroud decals. The front fender decal is just slightly larger so you just have to take off like 1/8th of an inch on each side. The rear was a whole other story as the fender is 4 inches shorter than the decal. I laid my out and trimmed it with a razor blade. It turned oyt pretty good and it was not that hard to do.
  2. dar8600

    Different bike graphics?

    I trimed the cr125, cr250 crf450 kit from fx to fit my 230. Just the fenders and the swing arms. I kept the shrouds original. It turned out pretty good with a minimal amount ot triming
  3. This is a new hobby for me. I just picked up a couple of bikes for my 6 year old son and I for christmas. He got a 06 crf50 and I got a 04 crf230. His bike is staying stock since he will need a new one in a few years. I plan on keeping mine for a while so I already have ordered the BBR exhaust, rev box, uni filter, BBR front and rear springs, new bars, grips, power-up kit, green slimed the tires and an hour meter. What else does it need? Does changing the linkage and adding the triple clamp make that much of a diffirence in the height? I am 5'10 and 250 so I know I need to beef up the suspension and any help from you guys would be great as you all have more experience than me with this. Thanks