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  1. I wear more gear than a linebacker so it wasn't too bad. Went to NJMP FOD feeling much better
  2. I actually did hit the horn on this get off.
  3. Yup. Mine keeps telling me she's not just a street legal dual sport. I had to find out the truth at the mx track
  4. I did the same and got the euro enduro light and underfender. The rear light is smaller, no light for the plate and no turn signals but looks cleaner. Will add signals to the rear fender if I ride on the road.
  5. s4awd

    2017 EXC 500

    You really have to push the seat all the way up and make sure it lines up and slides with the insert knob before trying to screw the bolts. I had to eyeball it to make sure it slid all the way in.
  6. s4awd

    2017 EXC 500

    I got both the powerparts low seat and the skid plate. The seat is hard as a rock and only a few mm lower so no real difference other than the cover being a bit nicer with the powerparts logo. I have a 500 EXC but ordered the 250-350 skid plate by accident. It fit fine. Not sure why there are different part numbers for the 450/500 . No clearance issues with the frame bolts so they stayed on. ( I was worried about rust as well if I had to take them off) It was a chore to put on and there's no way around getting the bottom drain bolt off without taking the plate off. I like having the aluminum plate given the amount of times I typically get hung up on rocks and fall over because of my short legs. The only other things I ordered for my bike are the stickers which are a must have , oil, oil filters, air filters and cleaners/lube etc. That's it.. I got 10 hours after owning it for a month. Definitely try it on a motocross track. So much more fun than I expected. That said, ride the bike and replace all broken parts as necessary
  7. s4awd

    Exc not for road use?

    I was just referring to the torture device they call a seat.
  8. s4awd

    Exc not for road use?

    Hey I just bought one. Ride it on the street for a while. Your rear end will go out long before it's top end :/
  9. s4awd

    First impression on 2017 500EXC-F!!!

    I did the same though I came from a 1200 GSA and recently got the 500 a few months back. Same impressions. You're gonna love the bike for what it CAN do. I say this because it's NOT a GS which I adore. After riding the EXC from the dealer which was 2+ hours from my house I realized very quickly it's NOT an adventure bike. So I no longer ride on the road with it and am now putting around everywhere I can find dirt from woods to mx tracks PS you can find sticker kits on Amazon. I just put on mine. Pic below
  10. I have the same dilemma but know the answer is that there isn't a right answer. How often are you in tight single track? If often, neither is the right bike. A 250F would be a heck of a lot more "funer" which is one of your requirements. You can also practice some trials, pivot turns, wheelies without risking life and limb The best bike for tight trails is the one that feels like a mountain bike. If open sandy trails and highway is in the forecast, then the 500 is better especially when dealing with traffic probably less maintenance. But when you're buddies are goofing around jumping logs and streams pinning the throttle laughing, you may be the one thinking twice when on a 500. The 350 is a bit of both but a master of none which is fine for most. Realistically most of the rides I go on are 60% road to 30% trail and 10% tight trails so I was originally looking at the 500. Hope that helps. If you are going to trailer, then 250F and have a blast. If a smaller displacement bike is good enough for the likes of Walker, Webb, and Haaker (all 250), then it's more than enough for us. That said, I'm going for the 350 because of what I ride. FYI, I also have a GS which I've taken in deep sand and trails so any bike will work but how much fun will you have. (hint. Not much lol)
  11. s4awd

    06 exc low seat

    It is lower but not by much. The difference is so small that I thought they sent me a stock seat. lol. But when every inch or in this case 1/4 inch counts, it does help
  12. s4awd

    Great News from AZVETMX

    Awesome just awesome. If he still wants to ride, I wouldn't blame him if he didn't, tell him to go buy a leatt
  13. Easy. If you're still disgusted with the bike don't ride it. If you feel like riding, where you look forward to prepping, going out and trying a new technique and are totally stoked, then ride it. Don't ride for the sake of riding because you will never forgive yourself if something tragic happens.
  14. good to see that it's catching on. Hope that kid on the 50 that faceplanted had one on.
  15. Is that how the world works? I see. The next time I see my doctor, I'm going to tell him, I'm not going to see him when i'm in pain and give my insurance card and take antibiotics because it's all a big scheme to take my money!!!!! People get paid for services. They created the damn thing and need to be paid. Nothing is free. But these products are designed to prevent a serious injury and are designed well with effort, and to build a reputation of a quality product that works. It's the companies charing $40 for a foam collar that should be blasted.