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  1. http://www.fmfracing.com/RiderSupport/JettingCenter
  2. Nice! The short block and cover's on the right side are 85' and the cylinder is later hence the rear right side cover hose going up and not to the back of the jug. I'm gathering the parts to put an 88' short block with 96' jug in my 02' CR250R frame soon!
  3. 125 PSI is good enough for a while. Check youtube for the starting sequence video and it will help. And HRC your correct about members on both sites. I'm still a member on both sites. I usually only visit the banned site though. But look for that video and you'll be riding in no time!
  4. Soak the new fibers, check the depth of the basket grooves. If they are shallow a file can clean them up. Also don't forget to readjust your clutch cable for the new plates.
  5. Crank looks good. But the cylinder needs a bore job! That looks like S*&T! But it's your bike man!
  6. I would put a 50-52 pilot jet in there and try that! That 60 seems to big hence the wet plug. If your still having problems go here www.bannedcr500riders.com and search your info. You'll see me over there also. What pipe are you running on that monster?
  7. Use the 5ohmer!
  8. The smaller smokers need a fresh clean and oiled air filter after every ride! I've been through the 60's and 80's and it never failed if I replaced the air filters after every ride. The time I did take it out for a 2nd run it ran like shit. Just keep up on the maintenance and she'll be good. Bottem end and piston melt downs are from a lean condidtion. Lean equals mean! If it was running like a raped ape it was probably on it's way out. The little motors are sucking and pumping soo much air the air filter might look good until you clean it and see all the shit in the bottom of the bucket or sink.
  9. What pipe are you running? What's the plug look like? You have to lower the pilot also. It'll load up on lower rpm's and the plug is already done and can't clean up on the higher rpm's. When was the last time you repacked the silencer?
  10. It won't work. Spend the $50 on new V-Force reeds.
  11. 8 years and your only planning on changing the rings?? Good luck with that one!
  12. If its in spec's then it's okay! Up and down play is no good.
  13. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!
  14. "search"
  15. Before you go splitting the cases pull the clutch off and make sure the shift star and all that is installed correctly. Put the bike on a stand and shift through the gears by moving the rear wheel. If you installed a shim wrong you'll have alot of resistance and hear the gear rubbing on the case. Then you'll have to split the motor and you'll see the marks in the cases and know where the shim has to be. You could have also had an outside gear come off and install it backwards on the shaft. www.bikebandit.com is a good fische place as you can zoom in. But take your time and you'll come out all right!