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  1. FPMXer

    1995 Kx250 mid engine gasket

    Apply it with Q-tip's the corner's of those cases can fillet your finger open if your not careful.
  2. FPMXer

    Kx250 power valve hitting piston

    If your power valve is hitting the piston the bike would not run. It would have smacked the piston and chipped the rings off blowing the motor. If it's running still then it's not hitting the piston. Not sure about bolts holding the flap as they changed the configurations all the time.
  3. FPMXer

    2002 CR250 surging on deceleration

    Your pilot is a 32.5 and the main a 400 right? 2002 CR250 Main Jet 380 Pilot Jet 32.5 Needle STOCK Clip Position 3RD Air Screw 1.5 out. That's from FMF's jetting sheet. I'm guessing you have an FMF pipe from the looks in the pic.
  4. FPMXer

    Trans grinding PLEASE HELP

    I'm gonna say ya left out a shim between the gear and the case. Now the gears are not properly spaced and the outside gear is milling out the case. Tear it back down now and spend a lil money or keep riding it and look for new cases or motor.
  5. FPMXer

    Help! No start. Sorry new to the site

    Maybe ya flooded it? Leave the choke off and kick with some throttle opened up.
  6. FPMXer

    1999 kx250 sputtering & spitting?

    First off get yourself a manual and read it front to back. Then get some pre oiled air filters, tub of vasoline and tub of oxy clean. Get a spray can of No-Toil oil as well. Remove the dirty air filter and inspect the boot leading into the carb and make sure there is no sand or any other debris in there. If there is then ya need to remove the carb and give it a good througho cleaning. 2 strokes require a clean and freshly oiled air filter with the trans fluid changed regularly. I run ATF Type F in all my smokers and change teh air filters every other ride unless it's dunes or real dusty environment. Keep up on the maintenance and it will run for a long time.
  7. FPMXer

    Another '87 CR125R Overheat Thread

    That's not good. I would remove the head and cylinder and inspect the crank as well. Do it right now and spend a lil bit of money or half ass it and spend alot more real soon.
  8. FPMXer

    Another '87 CR125R Overheat Thread

    Yes he meant cylinder for jug. If it got really hot and was smoking badly it could have been a few things. The radiator cap is faulty or the base and head gaskets are wrong for the coolant passages. If it did get better like you said, the system might have burped passed the cap or the gaskets seated in and are good to go now. With the smoking getting worse is either coolant leaking past the head or base gasket or the right side crank seal went out allowing trans fluid to be burnt. Did you reassemble the motor with all new gaskets? Did you do a few proper heat cycles before ripping on it? My first dirt bike was a 79' YZ125 back in 1988. Also forget about the 4 strokes stick with the easily maintained smoker like you remember!
  9. FPMXer

    Cr80r Cylinder problem

    No torque spec's for the studs. Turn them in by hand finger tight and make sure they do not interfere with the clamping of the head to the cylinder. Also do not apply lock tight to the threads. Your probably going to hear alot of different opinions. This one is mine.
  10. FPMXer

    98 YZ250 Crankshaft?

    I would remove that SPECIAL washer and try again.
  11. FPMXer

    CR500 Air Cooled Question

    There are a few peeps still active on both. The info is in there ya just have to look. Look in the engine forums and read through the sticky's.
  12. FPMXer

    98 YZ250 Crankshaft?

    Sounds like a clutch bolt came out and is rubbing the cover or the idle between the kicker and clutch is not secured with the snap ring and it's floating between the two gears. If it was the crank bearings the bike wouldn't run as good as that. Drain the oil and pull the clutch cover and look at the bolts. If they are good to go then remove the coolant and right side cover and look. You'll most likely find the noise.
  13. FPMXer

    2003 KX250 wheels

    The 04 wheel's will work.
  14. FPMXer

    YZ250X Tire experiences?

    When I lived and rode in so-kal, occotillo(sp) wells, most of the mx tracks and any where else we could find, I ran the Maxxis IT's and they gave me the best traction and lasted along time.
  15. FPMXer

    Let’s get an 01 YZ80 running (with pics)