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  1. FPMXer

    2000 RM125 clutch wont engage

    Did you make sure when installing the new cable that you have enough free play on the perch? The lever should move about the width of a nickle before the cable starts pulling. Sounds more like ya don't have the proper cable slack.
  2. FPMXer

    2005 RM250 cylinder size

    Stock bore is 66.40mm
  3. FPMXer

    ATF in 1999 rm250 gearbox?

    I always run Type F ATF. Never had a problem The last 20 years of using it in all the smokers I have owned and rode. My 4 stroke bikes were always ran with 10W30 or 10W40.
  4. FPMXer

    Another JR50 question.

    Time to tear the carb all the way down and spray it good or even let it soak for a bit. Then blow it out with compressed air. Sounds like the pilot circuit is plugged.
  5. FPMXer

    What the hell is wrong with my bike

    For the most part it sounds normal. There is a hint of surging but that is from lugging it in the woods. Maybe turn the air screw in or out a 1/4 turn to your liking. You could also drop the pilot jet down a size and see if that clears it up. Or you could get it in the open and blow the cob webs out.
  6. FPMXer

    Another JR50 question.

    What shape is the air filter in? Clean and fresh or dirty and nasty?
  7. FPMXer

    Jetting a stock 05 Cr125r

    I always do at least 2 full heat cycles and then take if for a nice easy ride then ride it like I stole it.
  8. FPMXer

    Jetting a stock 05 Cr125r

    That's a recipe for a blown top end at a minimum.
  9. FPMXer

    Shifter lever rounded out.

    No the cases don't need to be split to change the shaft. You will have to drain the coolant and oil out of trans first. Then remove the right side cover and the clutch. Then maybe have to remove a few parts of the shifting mechanism and the shift shaft will slide out. Reinstall a new one in reverse order. A good temp fix is to take a grinder and cut off wheel and remove some of the material on the shifter itself where the pinch bolt goes through to make a bigger gap. Then slowly work up on tightening the bolt. Ya get greedy with it and the bolt will snap. Or better yet drill the threads out and put a longer bolt through with a nut and crank it tight.
  10. FPMXer

    Cr80 head gasket questions

    As weird as it seem's the tab does go to the intake side of the head.
  11. FPMXer

    Jetting a stock 05 Cr125r

    Install a fresh clean oiled air filter before ya mess with the carb.
  12. FPMXer

    cylinder sleeve misaligned?

    If the cranks counter weights were bigger than they are supposed to be it wouldn't have been installed in the cases. I'm guessing the company that installed the sleeve did it on friday afternoon and failed to finish shaping and clearing the bottom of the sleeve to slip into the cases and not interfere with the crankshaft.
  13. FPMXer

    cylinder sleeve misaligned?

    Make sure the bottom edges of the sleeve are not too long and preventing the cylinder from sitting flush with the cases. Sounds like that is your issue. Remove the piston from the rod and place the rod at BDC. Then place the cylinder in the cases and see if the sleeve bottom is contacting the crank. If so then get a grinder or use a file and remove only the necessary material to prevent the contact.
  14. FPMXer

    1999 yz 125 trouble

    Take care of the coolant issue first. Then put the stock jetting back in the carb and the clip in the 3rd slot on the needle and go from there with tuning the bike.
  15. FPMXer

    Build opinions needed

    Also after you do the suspension make sure you set the sag.