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    Gorman sting operation alert!

    I liked the place alot better in the late 70's. No rangers, ride where you want and zero hassels. I know times change but they don't have to always change for the worse. I've been approached before just sitting in my chair hanging out. Registration, license please, so I told them I wasn't riding (plus I'm totally legit) he stepped back and looked at me funny. So I asked if there was anything I could do for him and he said no. Just walked off. I think i dumb founded him. One of the kookyest momments ever.
  2. Greenroom

    Rowher Flats – Help Wanted!

    I like the who idea even if we don't get the desired single track. MC only trials are a bonus and in time will fill in. Some one ways would be nice too. Any increase in riding trails is a benifit. I pass by Rowher often and would rather not have to. Its got the terrian now lets help build the trails. I'm in!
  3. Greenroom

    Motorcycle Trespass on Pacific Crest Trail

    If you guy's want to help out visit CDI (civil disobedience inc) it's a group working to get Clear Creek reopened. there not over the top but do harbor a renagade spirit. Buy some stickers, shirts and fight back. I have!
  4. Greenroom

    Friends of LT - LTK300.....

    Terrible to hear, God speed.
  5. Greenroom

    O.K. its time to register and be heard.

    Bump, this is why we keep losing. Take the time and register.
  6. http://www.savethetrails.us/AGO-Vote.html It's a little awkward registering but once you figure it out the voting is simple. Our interest need to to counted. You can see once you vote what the totals are. Everyone needs to do this! Do it if you want more of this
  7. Greenroom

    2010 yz450f flag mount?

    Billet Works makes a great one that mounts to the seat bolt and a small hole in the fender. Very clean and can be used as a handle (lightly). The flag will not whip you in the head either.
  8. Greenroom

    Tusk Enduro Light kit help

    If I have time tonight I'll give it another go. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Greenroom

    Tusk Enduro Light kit help

    I recieved a reply e-mial back from Tusk and they state the stock headlight should work just fine with the supplied wiring. They also forwarded me there video link for installation and thats how they say it should work. Mine does not work with the stock headlight and I have not tested the switch for power. I want the ability to control the light just incase I am stopped. (it's a requirement that you have hi-low and on and off)
  10. Greenroom

    Inviro's at work with your money

  11. Greenroom

    Scv sss

    I know where lots of that is.
  12. Greenroom

    5 days/681 miles in Hell (pic heavy RR)

    Impressive to say the least. :bonk:
  13. Greenroom

    air filters

    Ready Racing uses Maxima Oil. I guess or bet the filters will be one and the same.
  14. Greenroom

    Cal City...More to come...

    :bonk: and thanks!
  15. Greenroom

    Please urge Governator to Veto ammo sales restrictions

    E-mail sent. Call next! Thanks Wayne.
  16. Greenroom

    James Stewart TV show?

    Reality T.V.? It's dirty enough without muckin it up with that crap.
  17. Landswap, good business sense. (good business sense) there is the road block. We are talking about our government. Anyway, I think it is a great avenue to persue and yes Wayne, out of the box!
  18. I went back and read it again. I don't think it's that bad. He knows Dungey was doing the right thing and he could'nt get him to take the bait. I am suprised he thought he was that much faster considering how many time Dungey had to come from bad starts to catch him.
  19. Greenroom

    Over seas OEM light kits?

    Has anyone found a way to get the OEM lights turn signals etc. that come on the WR over seas?
  20. Greenroom

    Over seas OEM light kits?

    That looks OUTSTANDING! A parts list and a little insight would be nice. Very sharp.
  21. Greenroom

    Over seas OEM light kits?

    I just like that whole factory look.
  22. Is that the Silverwood area?
  23. Greenroom

    How to Ride ON the Beach Legally!

    Good advice to stay away for awhile. Been surfing there for 30 years and I won't even consider it after talking to some friends that still risk it. The violence from the drug war has impowered the local thugs to think they are just as bad. I don't want to find out first hand just how bad its getting.
  24. Greenroom

    The Goat and the Truck Series

    He's young enough to come back.
  25. Greenroom

    Lois Henry: OHV riders need space of their own

    Talk about having a friend in our court. You guy's should really be sending this thread around. We need to encourage more poeple like this to stay active. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. If they had used the fees for ANYTHING, at least we all might have something to show for it – a new park, better maintained trails, eco damage repaired, more enforcement – SOMETHING. But instead, to just let the money sit there like a big fat target to be stolen by the state, that’s just criminal. Someone should sue. Seriously. (or has someone already done that?) Lois Henry Hi Lois, I would just like to say thank you for having the mindset to write such an objective letter. I understand that many people don’t like OHV use for one reason or another but the fact remains it is a legal sport with many positive experiences (for the user). The use of green sticker fees is embarrassing and should not be tolerated by anyone. I think if more people like you would look at the big picture and understand tomorrow they might collect a tax or a fee for whatever recreation you might enjoy and then limit the usage, it would be hard to understand. I believe your article represents tolerance and respect for other people’s recreation like it or not. Thank you.