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  1. sounds like a good deal to me I bought my 02 250f for 3500 but then again the bike was a race bike and the guy was sponsored by a suspension company and they totally hooked him up with some amazing suspension,and it has a hot cam with the auto decompress and a dr.d exhaust system and its jetted professionally. I think I got a good deal the suspension alone is worth the money its like works suspenders ha ha
  2. Well I have a DR.D system on my 250f and it works amazing but I should mention I have an 2002 yz250f and it has a hot cam so my bike flies!
  3. I've been there before when it has almost been as crowded as elsinore... you know hop in line lol,but that was a race day most other times it's been pretty empty. I will say that it is pretty rough out there though.