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  1. There is a hole in the bottom of the black throttle assemble. If there is not a screw in there put one in it with a nut. You can then adjust how much the throttle will turn.
  2. If there is a problem at Idle i would say you need to change pilot.
  3. I just put a fmf powercore, CHP cable clutch and cam in mine. It is a blast. Pipe was 150 shipped from motosport, clutch was 80 from ebay and the cam was 75 from CHP. Haven't gotten rid of the air box yet. Here the main jet is suppose to be 90. I think 40 on the pilot.
  4. I went from an 06 klx250s. I felt the same. There wasn't going to be anything left if I kept riding it so hard. Plus I have a sportbike for the street. It would be awesome on the street, but I don't think it wouldn't be good for it. The motor doesn't need to be run up high for long periods of time. Ktm and husky have some bad dual sports. The good thing is the kx250f doesn't need all the stuff like the klx to make it move.
  5. I dropped mine in the water and it took a long time to start because the air filter was soaked. I cleaned the air filter and changed the oil bout 4 times before it looked right. It is fine now. Just rode it back to the truck and changed the oil immediatly. Oh yeah. It acted like it was locked up a first also.
  6. yeap! I made my story up. I gained awhole lot too! i
  7. Congrats! Enjoy!
  8. you order kawasaki parts from kawasaki dealer. just buy one and ride it.
  9. He just said the ones you order will be the upgraded ones.
  10. By looking at the one here in Tyler you can't tell what happened. You can only guess. The imput shaft bearing was apart and everything was destroyed. The mechanics best guess is bad bearing. Kawasaki ask no questions. They said that they had somemore bikes do this and they said fix it. Something like this could happen to anything you buy. I'm still riding the piss out of mine.
  11. what would be considered a first batch? sounds like a dealers answer. I'll find out what serial # is on my buddies that exploded.
  12. Mine is #14203 with no prob. so far. 5 hrs.