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  1. lw450

    Dunked 450

    I fell through a woods bridge this weekend and into some water that covered the front half of the 05 TE450. The water did not get into the carb, that I know of. I pulled the bike out and let sit for about 15 minutes. It fired up after about 30 seconds of cranking. The only issue is that it backfires alot now when letting off on the gas. I rode back home about 15 miles. Do you think this is an issue?
  2. lw450

    WR250 Thread?

    What does that mean the #4 is leaner. Will that help in calming the bike down some. Sorry but I'm kind of new to doing my own work on carbs. The bike has a 14 tooth front sprocket. Is that stock? So I should go for a 15. Any info helps. Thanks
  3. lw450

    WR250 Thread?

    I've read all of the info here but still a little confused. My 04 is crazy. It hits when I'm not expecting, how can I calm it down. Got some road rash this weekend . What should I do to make the power more predictable. Also, bottom seems like a bog. I haven't checked what slide is in it yet, will that help. Number 3 or 4? Really just a beginner with carbs. Help. Coming off of a 97 KTM 300 and 05 TE450. My first husky was an 88 wxe 250 (my favorite bike)- very predictable. Would like to make the 04 more like the 88 - smooooth. Any info?
  4. lw450

    WR250 Thread?

    Just took out 04 wr250 for first ride. Just a short ride - Seat is hard as a rock. Much harder than my 05 TE. Anyone know where to get a softer seat?
  5. Hello all, i just purchased a 04 WR250 to go along with my 05 TE450. Was wondering what i need to know or where to find info about the 2 stroker. Thanks
  6. Yes, I would buy one. Have to ask, does anyone make em now?