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    does anyone use yamalube??

    I use yamahalube 20w40 in my 07 450f and I change it every 2 rides. No problems and it if fairly cheap!

    Mid-air shutoff?

    Check with your dealer, I had the same thing happen with 2 02 426's. Both of them did it but not often. There may some type of service buliten from Yamaha. Good Luck!

    Leaving Suzuki Sadly

    Hey guys, I am writing to say I am trading my 06 rmz for a 07 blue bike. I am not really excited about it. I have only put 10 hours total on the rmz and it was as fun as you said it would be. This was probably the most fun bike to ride I have ever owned, but the fear of riding a possible time bomb killed it for me. I had questions about the bike before I bought it and you guys gave me the answers. I had questions after I bought it and you guys gave me the answers. I thank you. My local blue bike dealer gave me $4500 for it on trade. I hope those of you with problem rmz's get them worked out and thouse of you who have not never do! keep riding!-CW

    Is My 06 Rmz A Time Bomb

    The April Dirt Rider just came out with a long term test on the 06 RM-Z 450. It wasn't good. The engine failed at 84 hours. The lower end let go and took the top with it. This seems that this is becoming a "common problem" with our brand of choice. Mine has 10 hours total and seems to run fine, but I am scared of what the future holds. Even with constant maintance I still am scared to ride it. What do you guys think? Is the 06 450 Suzuki a time-bomb?
  5. When an ICON speaks you should listen and respect it. The man knows what he is talking and his love for our sport will benefit us.

    SIKK replacement motor

    SIKK paid for the shipping and told me to keep the old motor for spare parts!

    SIKK replacement motor

    I just wanted to tell everyone at TT about SIKK PITBIKES standing behind their product. I posted a few weeks ago that our 125XL started jumping out of 2nd gear. I called SIKK and told them and they said that they were aware of the problem and that they would send a new motor as soon as the updated engines arrived. I was told that it would be about 2 weeks before the new engines cleared customs. Sure enough in just about 2 weeks the engine arrived. SIKK management even called me twice to give me updates on the arrival. I know there is alot of talk about poor non-big 4 pitbikes, but I have to give SIKK credit they have been good to me so far. Try one if you get the chance, for the price they are pretty trick and a blast to ride.

    450 06Air Filter

    I had the same problem with my '06. It was all my fault. I was trying to but the filter in too straight and the screw would not align to tighten. Make sure to move the filter to the right as you look down from the clutch side of the bike!! Stand facing the rear of the bike with both side panels off, when you put the filter in move it slightly to your right-it will align right up and the screw will tighten no problem!!

    '03 525sx question

    I owned a 02 520SX for four and a half years and I never so much as adjusted the valves. That thing was stone reliable. It never broke. I changed the oil every two rides, oil filter every other oil-change, and the air filter every ride (sometimes during the ride also) and it never missed a beat. I can't say it enough.....it never broke!!! I sold my bike with all new plastic, new seat, new tires, new chain, new sprockets, and a fresh suspension service (both ends) for $3500.00 . The bike looked and rode like it was still new!! Buy one and you will not regret it!!!!

    Sikk Standing Behind Product

    Hey guys, I just wanted to give SIKK PITBIKES a shout out. The transmission in my sons 125XL started jumping out of 2nd. I called SIKK, spoke to Manny-he is the rider in the Motocross Action Magazine test of their new trail bike. I told Manny about my problem and he said SIKK will send me a new motor. I told him that I would crate the origional and return ship it to him. He said no, to keep it for parts. Manny said that SIKK is out to change the rep of their bikes and to show how much they have improved them. And it is starting to show! Give SIKK a look, with the bugs worked out this thing is a hoot!!

    David Bailey Vid

    Thank you for that posting of David. I grew up racing in district 13 & 29 with him. I was in the 250A and OpenA classes with him for several seasons. I was lapped by him so many times! We were all crushed when he got hurt and we followed his recovery and his career since then. I was never able to see the video of him riding again, until now. I was so moved. Thank you! It brought back so many memories. It was almost like sitting on the starting line with him again. I hope those who never meet him or saw him ride will study that short clip of this amazing athelete. Thank you again.

    Sikk 125xl Clutch

    Hey guys, just bought a Sikk 125xl to play around on. After first ride I changed the oil with amsol 10-40 synthedic and now the clutch slips. Is synthedic oil wrong for this motor? I know you guys have the answer!

    Quirks to the rmz 450

    I did the exact same thing. I have owned only KTM's for the past 5 years. I purchased a '06 Suzuki for something different 3 months ago, and am I glad I did. I loved my 520SX but this yellow thing is just so much fun to ride! You can jump anything. And the dangerous part is that it makes you feel that way! It is so easy to ride. Set up was a bit of a pain but after that nothing will turn under it. The power is a strong type of mellow (if a 450 can be mellow) and you can ride it forever. Try to bum a ride before you buy, and if you do buy you won't be sorry. Good luck.

    Timing chain...one more time

    ok guys...on my '06 RMZ-450 can I trust the tdc alignment marks on the left side case when I attempt to tighten my cam chain for the first time, or do I have to remove the cam cover on top of the head? I know you guys have the answer!!!Thanks.

    07 RMZ 450 rear fender

    My '06...Great bike.....with a crooked rear fender.