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  1. limbbender

    Suspension Help for '03 DRZ400E

    I did my carb mods and my bike runs great now. Now......I'm ready to get my suspension set-up properly. Can anyone give me a good starting point for suspension on my E Model? I am @ 220# with gear on. Most of my riding consists of bombing down FS Roads and single track.....very different I know. What would be a good starting point for my set-up, front and rear. I have no experience with suspension, so be gentle please! Thanks in advance folks!!!!!!!!!!
  2. limbbender

    Jetting bliss, thanks eddie!

    Look at this thread. I did exactly what Eddie suggested with the addition of the Slealth Racing Extended Fuel screw and AP cover. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=871776&highlight=
  3. So I took the newbie plunge and tore apart the Carb on my '03 DRZ400E.......After getting a lot of advice from Eddie. I took the snorkel off the air box, removed the Coast Enrichener, Modified the Accelerator Pump and went with the jetting advice Eddie provided for my elevation. I also added an extended fuel screw from Stealth Racing. Holy *&%$! What a difference! It is like a completely different bike. Thanks so much to all you vets who contribute to these forums, especially Eddie in this case. Without your input, it would be a nightmare to figure this stuff out by trial and error.
  4. limbbender

    2003 DRZ400E Fuel Screw Question?

    That answered my question, thanks!
  5. Ok, I'm taking my first run at taking my carb apart, cleaning and rejetting (Thanks for the infor Eddie!). Removed the CE and modified the diaphram in and wired the AP. Unfortunately I hastily removed the fuel screw and can't remember for sure the order of the spring, washer and o ring. Does the o ring go onto the screw first followed by the washer and then spring, or does the spring go on first followed by the washer and then the o ring???????????? Arrg! The clymer manual does not show the order on the schematic. Second, what exactly are we talking about when you guys are saying to remove the snorkel.....as it pertains to the DRZ Thanks in advance guys!
  6. limbbender

    Newbe Jetting of a 2003 DRZ400E FCR 39

    Not 100 percent what what you are saying about the CE but will do a search. Did you really mean to put a 200 for the main air jet? Thanks again for the help. I did see a discussion on the AP and will search for a how to on that as well. Really appreciate the input.
  7. limbbender

    Newbe Jetting of a 2003 DRZ400E FCR 39

    I am running factory exhaust but am willing to buy aftermarket if it will make a noticible difference in performance without being too noisy. Suggestion?
  8. I am completely overloaded on all the different advice on rejetting my 2003 E Model. I have already opened the air box (3x3 mod). I searched the forums and was all set to use the advice given by Matt Nelson for "Advanced Jetting". http://www.4strokes.com/tech/suzuki/drzadjet.asp I'm using the stock exhaust and losing the Coast Enrichener. The caviat is that most of my technical riding is between 2000 and 6000 feet elevation. Below is a list of what Matt recommends and I want to know if this is the best combination for this elevation? EMM Needle on 4th position. 38 Pilot Jet 70 Pilot Air Jet (or adjustable Pilot Air Screw) 158 or 160 Main Jet Will this work well at my elevation? Would you used a fixed Pilot Air Jet or the Adjustable Screw? Should I get an extended fuel screw? Thanks in advance from the newbe carb tinkerer!
  9. Ok, this is getting a little insane. I've done a search for jetting options on my 2003 DRZ E model and there are way too many options and opinions for a novice carb tinkerer. I've opened up the air box and was all ready to use matt Nelsons "Advanced Jetting" advice that ditches the Coast Enrichener. He uses the following: EMM needle set on 4th position. 38 Pilot Jet 70 Pilot Air Jet (or an adjustable Pilot Air Screw) 158 or 160 Main Jet. Is this Jetting ok / optimal for someone who does most of their technical riding between 3000 and 6000 feet elevation? Is it worthwile to get an extended fuel screw? Adjustable Pilot Air Screw or fixed size? I am ready to call Carb Parts Warehouse, but don't want to miss anything or order the wrong parts. Thanks in advance!
  10. limbbender

    Where to get new keys for DRZ?

    Do we have to purchase new Suzuki keys from the dealership? I have one key and the key code tag, but want a spare key. Suggestions?!!
  11. I've been riding street bikes and sport quads for years but am looking to increase my skill set on my newly aquired DRZ400E. Does anyone know of a "good" rider course in Washington that stresses skills pertinent to single track and MX riding. I don't want to waste money and time on a course that caters to first time riders, but rather to intermediate riders. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. limbbender

    2003 Rear wheel question

    That's what I thought, but wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  13. limbbender

    2003 Rear wheel question

    Are all '03 model rear wheels the same? Are wheels off "E", "S", and "SM" models interchangeable? I realize sprocket sizes will vary. Thanks in advance!
  14. limbbender

    Plating E Model in Idaho

    I was told by a shop in Coeur D' Alene that all I have to do to plate my DRZ400E In Idaho was to have a High/low beam headlight and to have a Brake/ tail light. I'm getting mixed info. Does anyone know what exactly I "need" to do? I only want the plate to ride occasional pavement, and primarily Forest Service roads.