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  1. adowdell

    2000 cr125 wheels

    I've searched, and can't find this... I've bought a 2000 Cr125 set up for super moto, and am looking for another set of dirt wheels to put back on it. What years can cross reference and fit? If if someone has a website with specs listed that would be great...
  2. adowdell

    ISUMC hosts Cytrax II

    We're hosting a battletrax type event in Ames, Ia on April 5th, and I thought I would extend an invitation for everyone to come participate or watch. It'll wet everyone whistle for the up coming racing season. Hope to see everyone out!
  3. adowdell

    ISUMC Cytrax April 5th

    Here's the flyer for our event this weekend. If you happen to be in the neighborhood stop by it'll be a good time!
  4. adowdell

    how is the z400 on the freeway

    I've ridden quite a ways on my drz, probably 1 hour one way, and it's not too bad, it'll cruise at 80 all day long, just don't think you're going to pass someone quickly at that speed, it takes quite a while to get to 90, and even long, and probably never to hit an indicated 95... Oh, and 80-90 miles per tank get's really annoying if you're truly planning on doing any real distance travelling. Other wise you'll be stopping every hour and a half even if you have buns of steel.
  5. adowdell

    DRZ400sm Tyres

    Don't feel bad, I smoked the stock dunlop in roughly 2000 miles as well... I replace the rear with a 150/60 Shinko 003, and haven't been dissappointed as it was a super cheap tire... I've heard lot's of good thinks about the conti Sm tires, but if you're going to be riding hard I would opt for the Pilot powers... Any good sporting tire in the correct size will be good
  6. adowdell

    DRZ-SM Miles to a tank (before reserve)

    Stock tank... I usually refill, and it comes to right at 1.8 gallons or so almost 40 mpg... I also forgot to mention that I have dropped a tooth on front, and I hit the 5 miles worth of gravel roads between kelley and Ames pretty hard... WOT pretty much the whole way, and the Shinko Super soft rear seams to start driving through on the gravel around 75-80 MPH.... If I were to ride like a normal person should, I could pretty easily hit 50, and if I put the stock front sprocket on, and drove nice, I could hit 55 mpg for sure. I probably won't ever see that though, the DRZ is a hair on the slow side, and I like to pin it just a bit too much...
  7. adowdell

    riding double??

    The wife and I once did a 75 mile trip on the DRZ-SM, down the interstate where the speed limit is 70... It actually did very well, and I was impressed. The only problem I had was that with the two of us on there, I was pushed forward quite a ways from where I normally sit, cause some certain parts to get a bit numb feeling. Plus the uncorked Yosh RS-3 got on her nerves, and she was ready for a break from the 75 mph scream...
  8. adowdell

    DRZ-SM Miles to a tank (before reserve)

    I get right around 70 miles before reserve, 3X3, full Yosh RS-3, jeted, twin air filter, and lot's of hard riding...
  9. adowdell

    xl125 slipper pistons?

    That seat is sweet! I think something like that would be perfect, i've done some repair fiberglassing, Surely it wouldn't be that hard to build somethinglike that my self. Lot's of sanding and what ever... I may start reading up on fiber glass stuff.
  10. adowdell

    xl125 slipper pistons?

    Mega Cycle doesn't have the good valve springs for the 125's, and according to their website, the medium cam requires a modified piston and springs/retainers. http://www.megacyclecams.com/catalog/page20.pdf So I guess I may just deal with the bigger carb and leave the base engine alone...
  11. adowdell

    Old schoolers, I need some info... 200x

    Yup, that would rull that out then... Does anyone know of a website that lists all of the engine specs?
  12. adowdell

    xl125 slipper pistons?

    I went with the XR200 carb... You can't beat $60 SHIPPED.... It's over $500 for a carb for my drz that's worth while... It'll be a couple days before I start looking really hard core at cams... Probably just have mine reground, unless a new one is cheaper... I've got several maj. projects due here in the next couple days, and I have to focus on this stuff... Oh, and the tank is back.... Wow is all I have to say, gold flake flames, under and brandy wine red, with some other ghost black/and dark blue flames... I haven't got chance to see it in the daylight, but I bet it really shows it's colors. I'll post pics of it also when i get a chance... I'm going to have to scrub the dust off of the frame now...
  13. adowdell

    xl125 slipper pistons?

    yeah, still had the horn, I only had the bike for a couple weeks prior... I think the cb will get a diet during winter break, next week is dead week, and then finals shortly there after so all my major design projects and stuff are coming to head this next week, and I have drill this weekend... I've got a xr200 carb coming, i've got to find time to tear down that stuck motor before I can send the cam in. I've also given one of my tanks to a friend to paint over christmas break, he has done some pretty impressive stuff with an 05 R1 that he unsalvaged... doesn't help it go fast, but... I've been thinking about the seat and what should be done with that... Might just toss the seat, and do a little fiber glassing myself... Always wanted to do some of that as well, but if I can get something like that off of ebay for pretty cheap, might be easier... I know that I can get some "padding" locally, that will wear pretty good, if I can uild a descent base to stick it to. I'm thinking that I'm definitely going to have to get a welder, If for no other reason to get rid of the solid mount pegs, those things are dangerous. It'll pick the tire off the ground if the peg hit solid enough...
  14. adowdell

    xl125 slipper pistons?

    I think the weight issue shouldn't be huge as -most- of the participants are my size or larger... I hope 190 will be enough to compete agains that others near my size... The few kids that I might run against, will be absolutely just starting, so hopefully a little experience will win the day(unless Kinzer (12ish)comes back with that sick Kx65... He was setting the same laptimes as a very well built Honda RS125 with an experienced 210 lb rider). It was very impressive watching those two chase each other around. I think the dual pipe bikes were 125 twins... Mine just had the single on one side, I'll check the head pipe diamter whe I get home later today... So, 27mm carb/jets, cam regrind, valves, retainers, some experimental port polishing/matching to the carb, maybe a thinner head gasket/base gasket, and that's pretty much the best bang for the buck, without throwing a piston at it. And stock pistons are pretty cheap, so is probably smarter to stay with them in the long run. It seems that the rev limiter is set for 10,250 ish(I think that it was the limiter anyway), how do you disable the rev limiter?
  15. adowdell

    xl125 slipper pistons?

    For the pipe, basically took the stock pipe, we cut a couple inches off upstream of the plate with 3 pencil sized holes, then welded on a tapered end on it. No arrestor needed. See the pics for the taper... I would say the exit is at least 2". We didn't want to kill the bottom end power with the stock carb/head combo, plus it was cheap. I weigh around 200(My main goal for the winter is to cut back to at least 190... I think that's going to be rough enough, I graduated high school at a solid 175, then added 2 years army, 4 years of college life) Here's some pics... I took the pics for a guy that was helping with suspension measurements and stuff... http://iastate.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2161699&l=684cc&id=16909741 Here's some pics also of the endurance race from last year... just pipe and K&N at that race stock otherwise... We were hanging with the Stock ttr's with Sportsman tires, with the oiless front forks, and no damping in the rear... http://iastate.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2160973&l=f9d6a&id=16909741 I've already got disc front but drum rear Carbs get expensive really quick... Start adding throttle cables and tubes... adds up almost too quick. Not sure if I have the 2 piece head or not... Basically I assume the 2 piece has a separate cam holder from the main head... If that's the case, I think I have the 1 piece head. As for the frame, I don't currently have a welder in my shop, I'm working on the wife, and trying to decide if I need an air compressor first or MIG welder.... I will look at getting the cam reground, and then also start reading up on porting...